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« Le marché du streaming croît rapidement, c’est le moment de changer de modèle. Nous voulons nous assurer que le plus grand nombre d’artistes bénéficient de cette croissance ».

Source : Deezer

Supporters of a California bill that reclassifies contractors as employees outside the State Capitol in Sacramento, Calif. last month.

“California legislators approved a landmark bill on Tuesday that requires companies like Uber and Lyft to treat contract workers as employees, a move that could reshape the gig economy and that adds fuel to a yearslong debate over whether the nature of work has become too insecure.”

Source : California Passes Landmark Bill to Remake Gig Economy – The New York Times

“For new users who install and download Firefox for the first time, Enhanced Tracking Protection will automatically be set on by default as part of the ‘Standard’ setting in the browser and will block known “third-party tracking cookies” according to the Disconnect list. We talk more about tracking cookies here. ”

Source : Firefox Now Available with Enhanced Tracking Protection by Default Plus Updates to Facebook Container, Firefox Monitor and Lockwise – The Mozilla Blog

“The unprecedented attack on Apple iPhones revealed by Google this week was broader than first thought. Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation said that Google’s own Android operating system and Microsoft Windows PCs were also targeted in a campaign that sought to infect the computers and smartphones of the Uighur ethnic group in China.”

Source : iPhone Hackers Caught By Google Also Targeted Android And Microsoft Windows, Say Sources

“The Wikimedia Foundation believes that, working with checkusers, stewards and vandal-fighters, it’s possible to figure out a way to protect our users’ privacy while keeping our anti-vandalism tools working at-par with how they work now. Hence, it has decided to work on shielding IP addresses from our wikis — including restricting the number of people who can see other users’ IP addresses, and reducing the amount of time IP addresses are stored in our databases and logs. It is important to note that a critical part of this work will be to ensure that our wikis still have access to the same (or better) level of anti-vandalism tooling and are not at risk of facing abuse”

Source : IP Editing: Privacy Enhancement and Abuse Mitigation – Meta

“En 2011, il y avait 14 millions d’abonnés au service de location de DVD physiques, mais ce nombre a grandement baissé : il était en juin 2019 aux alentours des 2,5 millions. Il a tout de même rapporté 45 millions de dollars de bénéfices au deuxième trimestre de 2019, peut-on lire dans les résultats financiers de Netflix. Ce n’est pas grand-chose — le chiffre d’affaires de l’entreprise sur la même période s’élève à 4,9 milliards — mais cela montre qu’il y a toujours des irréductibles qui apprécient la location de copies physiques, plus que le streaming.”

Source : Netflix a loué 5 milliards de DVD depuis sa création – Business – Numerama

“Audible response to August 23 claims by the AAP regarding the Captions feature. We are surprised and disappointed by this action and any implication that we have not been speaking and working with publishers about this feature, which has not yet launched. Captions was developed because we, like so many leading educators and parents, want to help kids who are not reading engage more through listening. This feature would allow such listeners to follow along with a few lines of machine-generated text as they listen to the audio performance. It is not and was never intended to be a book.”

Source : Audible Captions: A Demonstration | About Audible

“The Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine 46,225 mm2 with 1.2 Trillion transistors and 400,000 AI-optimized cores. By comparison, the largest Graphics Processing Unit is 815 mm2 and has 21.1 Billion transistors.”

Source : Home – Cerebras

o mg cable

“A hacker who goes by the online handle MG took an innocent-looking Apple USB Lightning cable and rigged it with a small Wi-Fi-enabled implant, which, when plugged into a computer, lets a nearby hacker run commands as if they were sitting in front of the screen.”

Source : This hacker’s iPhone charging cable can hijack your computer | TechCrunch

“Netflix would’ve avoided this controversy if it had plainly told subscribers what it was doing somewhere in the app or with a notification. Instead, people discovered that Netflix was utilizing Android’s physical activity permission, which is strange behavior from a video streaming app. In some instances, it was doing this without asking users to approve the move first, as was the case for The Next Web’s Ivan Mehta. You’ve got to be transparent if you want to monitor anyone’s movements.”

Source : Netflix explains why it snuck a physical activity tracker onto some phones – The Verge

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