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La Quadrature du Net vient d’annoncer l’arrivée de nouveaux soutiens au sein de l’association. Avec l’aide des internautes et grâce à ces recrues, ses membres se disent prêts “à affronter les défis à venir pour les libertés et les droits dans l’espace numérique”.

« The main reason you won’t see a comprehensive, all-you-can-eat movie plan soon is something called “windowing,” the entertainment industry term for the staggered way movies are released to various outlets ». (via Why Movie Streaming Sites So Fail to Satisfy –

Envisioning a future in which Oculus’ technology is the dominant platform is diametrically opposed: it’s a reality where humans retreat from day-to-day activities in favor of computers. This idea – a life lived in computers – is something that appeals to the technically predisposed; who among us spends all day in front a glowing screen, and then goes home to do the exact same? I’m sure Zuckerberg is in that boat. But it’s a much smaller boat than many technologists realize.

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