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« Automobiles had been around for decades when the first Model T arrived in 1908. The reason we remember Henry Ford’s creation is because it was the first car that made sense for the masses. With a $250 machine dubbed the Mod-T, New Matter is hoping to have a similar transformative effect on 3-D printing ». (via A $250 3-D Printer With Breakthrough Software | Design | WIRED)

Apple has invested heavily, and it should pay off. Since 2011 to the first quarter of 2014, Apple has spent $14 billion on research and development. That dwarfs the $8.1 billion spent between 2001 and 2010.

« The two-seater prototype vehicle is Google’s reimagination of what the modern automobile should look and feel like if you took the human out of the transportation equation and designed something solely to chauffeur passengers from point A to B ». (via Google Introduces New Self Driving Car at the Code Conference | Re/code)

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