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Markets go up and down, and excitement ebbs and flows, but computing technology marches steadily forward.

Source : What’s Next in Computing? — Medium

Zuckerberg - Samsung's Gear VR

I told the story of when I was 11 years old and first learning to program computers, I used to sit in my middle school math class, write code in my notebook and sketch images of a world where you could not only navigate to a 2D website, but transport yourself to a completely different place in reality. I’ve been waiting for it to be possible to create this experience, and today it finally is.

Source : Mark Zuckerberg

Companies have been promising us futuristic, paper-like displays since forever, but so far we remain unimpressed.

Source : Flexible smartphones may be coming sooner than you think

Proposer qu’une interaction entre un objet technique et un individu soit “magique” fait que lorsque les choses tournent mal, on se rapproche plus du film d’horreur.

Source : Livraison trente-cinq: lift16, technologie X Magie 💻🔮👻, 1983 et un mardi gras cajun – Nicolas Nova

How Google Searches Pretty Much Nailed the New Hampshire Primary – Bloomberg Business

New Hampshire Google

This is the first U.S. presidential election in which Google is releasing real-time results of trending search queries. Previously, the Alphabet Inc. unit had put out aggregated search data with a delay of a few days.

Source : How Google Searches Pretty Much Nailed the New Hampshire Primary – Bloomberg Business

We want to finish connecting everyone, we’re going to do it in partnership with governments and different companies all over the world.

Source : CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicts 5 billion Facebook users by 2030

Sheri Pym, the federal judge, has ordered Apple not to turn off its encryption but to make it easier for federal agents to randomly guess the suspects’ iPhone passcode. Apple has built a security feature into iPhones so that a phone slows down anyone trying to “brute force” his way into a phone by guessing passcode after passcode.

Source : Apple ordered to decrypt iPhone of San Bernardino shooter for FBI | US news | The Guardian

Market Share Apple

With 17.2% of the smartphone market in 2015, Apple captured 91% of the profit. Samsung, with 23.9% of the market, took 14% of the profit.

Source : Apple Sucks the Profit Out of Mobile – Fortune


This graph shows French Members of Parliament (MPs) during years 2012—. A link between two MPs indicates that they cosponsored at least one bill together.

Source : Cosponsorship networks in the French Parliament: Assemblée nationale, years 2012-2017

Fact that people have to wear glasses to watch 3D TVs did not work too well for consumers.

Source : 대한민국 IT포털의 중심! 이티뉴스

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