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“If the government can circumvent the process merely by buying vulnerabilities, then the process becomes a farce. The FBI is not interested in cybersecurity.’’

Source : FBI Plans to Keep Apple iPhone-Hacking Method Secret – WSJ

Websites that detect ad-blockers to stop their users from reading webpages could be illegal under European law.

Source : Ad-blocker blocking websites face legal peril at hands of privacy bods • The Register

Sexual preference. Relationship status. Income. Address. These are just some details applicants for the controversial dating site are asked to supply before their physical appeal is judged by the existing user base, who vote on who is allowed in to the “elite” club based on looks alone. All of this, of course, is supposed to remain confidential. But much of that supposedly-private information is now public, thanks to the leak of a database containing sensitive data of 1.1 million users.

Source : Leaks Very Private Data of 1.1 Million ‘Elite’ Daters — And It’s All For Sale – Forbes

The United States has opened a new line of combat against the Islamic State, directing the military’s six-year-old Cyber Command for the first time to mount computer-network attacks that are now being used alongside more traditional weapons.

Source : U.S. Cyberattacks Target ISIS in a New Line of Combat – The New York Times

So Facebook still has young people. Lots of them. This might explain why its market cap is nearly $340 billion.

Source : Facebook Still Younger Than Snapchat, Instagram: comScore (Chart) | Re/code

Wikipedia editors jumped into action only nine minutes after the Guardian’s report, and the consequent Wikipedia article has been edited once every 2.5 minutes since then.

Source : News on Wikipedia: How a world of volunteers dove into the leaked Panama Papers – Wikimedia blog

As pro tablets supersede laptops, they create a need for more inventive keyboard designs

Source : Is it time to reconsider the keyboard pants? | The Verge

Facebook Employees Asked Mark Zuckerberg If They Should Try to Stop a Donald Trump Presidency 

Facebook can promote or block any material that it wants,” UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh told Gizmodo. “Facebook has the same First Amendment right as the New York Times. They can completely block Trump if they want. They can block him or promote him.

Source : Facebook Employees Asked Mark Zuckerberg If They Should Try to Stop a Donald Trump Presidency 

Margrethe Vestager, the EU competition chief, said the European commission had taken the preliminary view that Google had abused its dominant position, following an initial one-year investigation. “What we found is that Google pursues an overall strategy on mobile devices to protect and expand its dominant position in internet search,” Vestager said.

Source : EU accuses Google of using Android to skew market against rivals | Technology | The Guardian

Hackers can read text messages, listen to phone calls and track mobile phone users’ locations with just the knowledge of their phone number using a vulnerability in the worldwide mobile phone network infrastructure.

Source : SS7 hack explained: what can you do about it? | Technology | The Guardian

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