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Source : Sheepview – Visit Faroe Islands

ML Control On/Off

Our machine learning system was able to consistently achieve a 40 percent reduction in the amount of energy used for cooling, which equates to a 15 percent reduction in overall PUE overhead after accounting for electrical losses and other non-cooling inefficiencies. It also produced the lowest PUE the site had ever seen.

Source : Google DeepMind

The last company that still makes VHS players will reportedly cease production of the technology at the end of July.

Source : Say farewell to VHS (if you hadn’t already)

Germany plans new legislation to require manufacturers of cars equipped with an autopilot function to install a black box to help determine responsibility in the event of an accident, transport ministry sources told Reuters on Monday.

Source : Germany to require ‘black box’ in autonomous cars | Reuters

La Présidente de la CNIL met en demeure MICROSOFT CORPORATION de cesser la collecte excessive de données et le suivi de la navigation des utilisateurs sans leur consentement. Elle lui demande aussi d’assurer de façon satisfaisante la sécurité et la confidentialité des données des utilisateurs.

Source : Windows 10 : la CNIL met publiquement en demeure MICROSOFT CORPORATION de se conformer, dans un délai de trois mois, à la loi Informatique et Libertés | CNIL

Today the United Nations Human Rights Council agreed by consensus to a resolution supporting human rights online, despite efforts by hostile states to eliminate key provisions in the text. The landmark document specifically condemns internet shutdowns and renews 2012 and 2014 resolutions that declared, unequivocally, that human rights apply online just as they do offline.

Source : U.N. passes landmark resolution condemning internet shutdowns – Access Now

Nous encourageons toutes les personnes jouant à Pokémon Go à prendre conscience de leur environnement et à jouer avec des amis quand elles vont dans des endroits nouveaux ou peu familiers.

Source : Le jeu pour smartphones Pokémon Go détourné à des fins criminelles – – Monde

Notice your Facebook event recommendations getting more personal? That’s because it’s not an algorithm in charge of your weekend plans any longer; in major cities, people are now in charge.

Source : Facebook is starting to use humans instead of algorithms to recommend events | The Daily Dot

The chief executive, Tim Cook, says he hopes the easy sign-up button in the Health app will help ease a longstanding donor shortage in the US. He said that the problem hit home when Apple co-founder Steve Jobs endured an “excruciating” wait for a liver transplant in 2009. Jobs died of pancreatic cancer in October 2011, aged 56.

Source : Apple pushes organ donor registration for US iPhone users | Technology | The Guardian

OldNYC: Mapping Historical Photographs of New York City


Mapping historical photos from the NYPL

Source : OldNYC: Mapping Historical Photographs of New York City

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