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The USB Killer’s website claims it will destroy 95% of devices it’s inserted into. With that kind of destructive capability, one has to wonder how many of these sticks will actually be bought by security experts, and how many by pranksters and malicious individuals looking to destroy someone else’s equipment.

Source : Remember the laptop-destroying ‘USB Killer?’ Now you can buy one

If AI learns language sufficiently well, it will also learn cultural associations that are offensive, objectionable, or harmful. At a high level, bias is meaning. “Debiasing” these machine models, while intriguing and technically interesting, necessarily harms meaning.

Source : Language necessarily contains human biases, and so will machines trained on language corpora

According to sources, the Trending team’s editorial staff were alerted at 4pm that they were being fired—as the news of Facebook’s switch to algorithms first broke—and were asked to leave the building by 5pm.

However, removing human writers from Trending doesn’t necessarily eliminate bias. Human bias can be embedded into algorithms, and extremely difficult to strip out.

Source : Facebook (FB) fired its Trending editors, apparently trying to get rid of bias by getting rid of humans — Quartz

The Quartz Index is our collection of metrics that show how the global economy is fundamentally changing.

Source : Quartz Index

Ce que vous trouverez ici est le début d’un nouveau voyage, de ceux qui n’étaient plus possibles depuis que les explorateurs du monde entier, de Christophe Colomb à Marco Polo, ont mis le pied sur chaque parcelle de terre que notre planète a à offrir.Sommes-nous seuls dans l’univers ? Tous les esprits curieux se sont une fois au moins posés la question, le regard tourné vers le ciel.La réponse pourrait se trouver ailleurs qu’à travers les étoiles…


La technique utilisée, qui consiste à jailbreaker l’iPhone depuis un simple lien ouvert sur un navigateur, rappelle très fortement la faille achetée 1 million de dollars en novembre 2015 par Zerodium, une société française créée par Chaouki Bekrar, qui avait publiquement offert une telle somme à qui lui fournirait la solution.

Source : Comment une faille de sécurité sur iOS permettait d’espionner des dissidents – Tech – Numerama

Future iPhones might collect fingerprints, photos of thieves

An Apple patent application published on Thursday describes a method of storing an unauthorized user’s biometric information, which can help strengthen security management or assist in device recovery and criminal prosecution in the case of a theft.

Source : Future iPhones might collect fingerprints, photos of thieves

Plutôt qu’un empilement de mesures, prises dans l’urgence et sous le coup de l’émotion, l’ampleur de ces transformations devrait nous imposer une réflexion globale et collective. Il en va ainsi de la résilience de nos sociétés.

Source : En s’attaquant au chiffrement contre le terrorisme, on se trompe de cible


The Wikiverse project is an interactive 3D visualization of Wikipedia, reimagined as a cosmic web of knowledge. Here, articles are stars bound together to form topics, fields and subjects.

Source : Wikiverse: a galactic reimagining of Wikipedia

In Pittsburgh, customers will request cars the normal way, via Uber’s app, and will be paired with a driverless car at random. Trips will be free for the time being, rather than the standard local rate of $1.30 per mile. In the long run, Kalanick says, prices will fall so low that the per-mile cost of travel, even for long trips in rural areas, will be cheaper in a driverless Uber than in a private car. “That could be seen as a threat,” says Volvo Cars CEO Hakan Samuelsson. “We see it as an opportunity.”

Source : Uber’s First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives in Pittsburgh This Month – Bloomberg

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