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Screengrab from research paper showing "The Old Guitarist", an X-radiograph of "The Old Guitarist", the content image constructed from the painting, a style image, Picasso's "La Vie", and the styled image "La Femme Perdue"

“We present a novel method of reconstructing lost artwork, by applying neural style transfer to x-radiographs of artwork with secondary interior artwork beneath a primary exterior, so as to reconstruct lost artwork”

Source : This Picasso painting had never been seen before. Until a neural network painted it. – MIT Technology Review

Selfie harm from Rankin

“Tanguy noted that Kim Kardashian has around 50 times more Instagram followers than the Louvre museum. « It’s time to stop consuming daily the visual content of [social media influencers] and move over to a more inspiring visual diet, » she said. As Rankin notes, however, it’s not all bad on Instagram. « Please note: The majority of subjects preferred their original image, » he said.”

Source : ‘Selfie harm’ and the damage done by social media

“Are you reading this on a handheld device? There’s a good chance you are. Now imagine how’d you look if that device suddenly disappeared. Lonely? Slightly crazy? Perhaps standing next to a person being ignored? ”

Source : Eric Pickersgill Captures How Cellphones Isolate Humans in ‘Removed’ – The Atlantic

Barabazi Art Critics
— Thomas Griessen (@ThomasGriessen) 12 novembre 2018

GitHub – robbiebarrat/art-DCGAN

GAN Art from Barrat

“Modified implementation of DCGAN focused on generative art. Includes pre-trained models for landscapes, nude-portraits, and others”.

Source : GitHub – robbiebarrat/art-DCGAN

Obvious Art

“The members of Obvious don’t deny that they borrowed substantially from Barrat’s code, but until recently, they didn’t publicize that fact either. This has created unease for some members of the AI art community, which is open and collaborative and taking its first steps into mainstream attention. Seeing an AI portrait on sale at Christie’s is a milestone that elevates the entire community, but has this event been hijacked by outsiders?”

Source : How three French students used borrowed code to put the first AI portrait in Christie’s – The Verge

«Today, we collectively and continuously document our city experience on social media platforms, shaping a virtual city image. Multiplicity reveals a novel view of this photographic landscape of attention and interests. How does Paris look as seen through the lens of thousands of photographers? What are the hotspots of attraction, what are the neglected corners? What are recurring poses and tropes? And how well do the published pictures reflect your personal view of the city?» – Via Nicolas Nova

Source : Truth & Beauty – Multiplicity

«Une « erreur »…« Nous nous excusons pour cette erreur et avons indiqué à l’annonceur que nous approuvons son annonce », a déclaré auprès de l’AFP une porte-parole de Facebook. Facebook a souligné jeudi que sa « politique en matière de publicité ne permet pas la nudité ou la nudité suggérée ». « Mais nous faisons une exception pour les statues, et à ce titre cette annonce aurait dû être approuvée », a précisé la porte-parole».

Source : Facebook présente ses excuses après la censure d’une Vénus paléolithique

Event : reddit place (https://www.reddit.com/place)

Source : Place – TimeLapse

Monet Paintings → Photos

Qualitative results are presented on several tasks where paired training data does not exist, including collection style transfer, object transfiguration, season transfer, photo enhancement, etc.

Source : Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation using Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks

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