Étiquette : behavioral economics

“Last year, I decided to do something more radical: to deploy everything I knew about economic theory and behavioural science, along with a few hard-won practical discoveries, to rebuild my relationship with the digital world from scratch. This is the story of what I learnt.”

Source : Tim Harford: how behavioural economics helped kick my phone addiction | Financial Times

“Behavioral economics upended the idea that humans act solely in their rational self-interest. So why do most undergrads barely learn anything about the field? ”

Source : Why Econ Classes Barely Mention Behavioral Economics – The Atlantic

From an Uber rider’s perspective, Keith says, a round number surge like two times looks like the company is just slapping on a higher price tag because it’s raining. But when it’s 2.1 times as much, we think there must be a complex algorithm (which there is) coming up with that figure. The ride, then, is surely worth 2.1 times as much.

Source : Keith Chen Is Uber’s Head Of Economics And Decides When Uber Surges Price : NPR

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