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Machine Learning (ML) is a fast-moving, competitive field. As important as good algorithms are to ML, the state-of-the-art algorithms are reliably available. Compute clusters are also an important ingredient, and they too are easy to access (especially using services like Amazon EC2 and Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs). What isn’t reliably available are large-scale high quality data sets. The things you need to train your classifiers. That’s where MTurk comes into play.

Source : re:Invent 2016 recap — Machine Learning with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Privacy Scandal Haunts Pokemon Go’s CEO

“To our opinion, the real challenge lies in motivating the user to provide the data constantly, even after the exciting appeal of technological innovation at the beginning wears off. The data acquisition process should be entertaining for a possible contributor to engage him in the long run. We convince that entertainment and fun are an important design aspect of such data collecting services.”

Source : Privacy Scandal Haunts Pokemon Go’s CEO


A federal judge said a woman is not entitled to compensation for time spent entering a single Captcha word to verify her identity when opening a Google email account.

Source : Courthouse News Service

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