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Tommaso Valletti est économiste en chef de la direction de la concurrence de la Commission européenne.

“Les critères d’analyse des risques concurrentiels sont-ils mauvais ? Notre analyse de ces marchés numériques était beaucoup trop étroite : pour WhatsApp, la définition de marché était la messagerie instantanée, pour Instagram, celle d’application de photo en ligne. Mais, dans son cœur, Facebook veut capter notre attention, pour apprendre sur nous et proposer de la publicité hyperciblée. Comme Google. Il faut considérer ces entreprises comme des négociants en attention.”

Source : « Facebook a induit la Commission européenne en erreur lors du rachat de WhatsApp »

“In order to ensure the government is added to the conversation in secret, GCHQ’s proposal would require messaging apps, service providers, and operating systems to change their software so that it would 1) change the encryption schemes used, and/or 2) mislead users by suppressing the notifications that routinely appear when a new communicant joins a chat.”

Source : Apple and WhatsApp condemn GCHQ plans to eavesdrop on encrypted chats | UK news | The Guardian

Facebook - Barcelone

“Ambiance Silicon Valley oblige, une salle de loisirs est mise à leur disposition, avec baby-foot et poufs colorés. Mais, souligne-t-il, « non seulement les pauses sont trop courtes pour en profiter, mais en plus on n’a pas le droit de descendre à plusieurs du même marché, donc on n’a personne avec qui jouer ».”

Source : Meurtres, pornographie, racisme… Dans la peau d’un modérateur de Facebook

 The At the Pool

“ The UpGuard Cyber Risk team can now report that two more third-party developed Facebook app datasets have been found exposed to the public internet. One, originating from the Mexico-based media company Cultura Colectiva, weighs in at 146 gigabytes and contains over 540 million records detailing comments, likes, reactions, account names, FB IDs and more. This same type of collection, in similarly concentrated form, has been cause for concern in the recent past, given the potential uses of such data.”

Source : Losing Face: Two More Cases of Third-Party Facebook App Data Exposure

“Called Screenwise Meter, the iOS and Android app gave users who opted into Google’s Opinion Rewards program gift cards in exchange for tracking their internet usage data. The iOS version of the app relied on Apple’s enterprise program, which allows for the distribution of apps with special privileges to be used only by a company’s employees. The app has now been disabled on iOS, though it’s still available on Google’s Play Store. ”

Source : Google disables app that monitored iPhone usage in violation of Apple’s rules – The Verge

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“Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, plans to integrate the social network’s messaging services — WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger — asserting his control over the company’s sprawling divisions at a time when its business has been battered by scandal.”

Source : Zuckerberg Plans to Integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger – The New York Times

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“One-click Support straight from the News Feed could massively reduce the friction to signing up, and thereby attract organizations and individuals seeking to maximize the size of their mob.”

Source : Facebook launches petition feature, its next battlefield | TechCrunch

Robert Hannigan

“This isn’t a kind of fluffy charity providing free services. It’s is a very hard-headed international business and these big tech companies are essentially the world’s biggest global advertisers, that’s where they make their billions. […] these big companies, particularly where there are monopolies, can’t frankly reform themselves. It will have to come from outside.”

Source : Facebook could threaten democracy, says former GCHQ boss – BBC News

Draft Tim Cook

“Definers’s focus on Mr. Cook extended to a campaign it ran to promote the Apple chief as a 2020 presidential candidate. A slick website titled “Draft Tim Cook 2020” had digital links to Definers employees, said Kyle Ehmke, a cybersecurity researcher for the firm ThreatConnect.”

Source : How Facebook’s P.R. Firm Brought Political Trickery to Tech – The New York Times

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