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The rapid rise of the term normcore is an indication of how the cultural idea of disappearing has become cool at the very historical moment when it has become almost impossible because of big data and widespread surveillance.

Source : The Anxieties of Big Data – The New Inquiry

If you used the World Wide Web anytime after 2007, the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has probably spied on you.

Source : GCHQ tried to track Web visits of “every visible user on Internet” | Ars Technica

I think GCHQ was doing half theater and half genuine threat response here. The likelihood that The Guardian had anything hidden in the trackpad was low, but from GCHQ’s perspective they’d hide something in the trackpad so why wouldn’t anyone else?

Source : The Way GCHQ Obliterated The Guardian’s Laptops May Have Revealed More Than They Intended

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