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Using real-time sensor data generated by connected vehicles, the HERE Open Location Platform will offer drivers a real-time depiction of the road environment that can be accessed through four services, providing valuable, timely insight into the driving experience.The services – HERE Real-Time Traffic, HERE Hazard Warnings, HERE Road Signs and HERE On-Street Parking ­­– provide up-to-date information on everything from potential road hazards, to traffic updates and on-street parking.The services are available to any automaker, municipality, road authority, smartphone maker or app developer to license.

Source : HERE first to unveil services from sensor data of multiple car brands – HERE 360

This is a design fiction to provoke discussions on innovative social media interfaces, platforms, algorithms and design patterns that do not uniquely focus on speed, the “now”, and the accumulation of “moments”. Social media that inform, surprise, remember, provoke but without begging for our focus or attention.

Source : 6andme


Facebook shopping

The majority of time spent on mobile is in apps, and people spend the majority of that time in just a handful of apps, including Facebook and Instagram.1 For people, the mobile shopping experience is often difficult to navigate. Customers can experience slow load times and too many steps on the way to checkout. This is bad for people and bad for marketers.
On Facebook we’ve seen that people are coming to our platform not only to connect with friends and family but also with products and brands.

Source : Connecting People to Brands and Products on Mobile | Facebook for Business

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