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“Under the new law, all new internet-connected devices made or sold in California with a default password will be required to make that password unique and secure for every single device. That means no more devices shipped with username/password combos of “admin/admin,” for example. It’s far from a panacea—and really, why aren’t you using a password manager already—but it’s a step towards at least a minimal baseline of security in our internet-of-things addled future.”

Source : California Is Making It Illegal for Devices to Have Shitty Default Passwords – Motherboard

iOS Forensics

“One company specialising in mobile forensics is telling investigators not to even look at phones with Face ID, because they might accidentally trigger this mechanism. “iPhone X: don’t look at the screen, or else… The same thing will occur as happened on Apple’s event,” the slide, from forensics company Elcomsoft, reads. Motherboard obtained the presentation from a non-Elcomsoft source, and the company subsequently confirmed its veracity.”

Source : Cops Told ‘Don’t Look’ at New iPhones to Avoid Face ID Lock-Out – Motherboard

Publiée par Mark Zuckerberg sur Mercredi 12 septembre 2018

“One advantage Facebook has is that we have a principle that you must use your real identity. This means we have a clear notion of what’s an authentic account. This is harder with services like Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, iMessage, or any other service where you don’t need to provide your real identity. So if the content shared doesn’t violate any policy, which is often the case, and you have no clear notion of what constitutes a fake account, that makes enforcement significantly harder. Fortunately, our systems are shared, so when we find bad actors on Facebook, we can also remove accounts linked to them on Instagram and WhatsApp as well”.

“DARPA envisions a future in which machines are more than just tools that execute human-programmed rules or generalize from human-curated data sets. Rather, the machines DARPA envisions will function more as colleagues than as tools. Towards this end, DARPA research and development in human-machine symbiosis sets a goal to partner with machines. Enabling computing systems in this manner is of critical importance because sensor, information, and communication systems generate data at rates beyond which humans can assimilate, understand, and act. Incorporating these technologies in military systems that collaborate with warfighters will facilitate better decisions in complex, time-critical, battlefield environments; enable a shared understanding of massive, incomplete, and contradictory information; and empower unmanned systems to perform critical missions safely and with high degrees of autonomy. DARPA is focusing its investments on a third wave of AI that brings forth machines that understand and reason in context”.

Source : AI Next Campaign

“The inability of intelligence and law enforcement agencies to lawfully access encrypted data and communications poses challenges to law enforcement agencies’ efforts to protect our communities. Therefore, we agreed to the urgent need for law enforcement to gain targeted access to data, subject to strict safeguards, legal limitations, and respective domestic consultations”.

Source : Five Country Ministerial 2018

“Google et DeepMind ont convenu de bien délimiter le champ d’action des algorithmes d’optimisation afin d’éviter un incident d’exploitation. « Nos opérateurs sont toujours en contrôle et peuvent choisir de quitter le mode de contrôle de l’IA à tout moment. Dans ces scénarios, le système de contrôle passera du contrôle de l’intelligence artificielle aux règles et heuristiques sur site qui définissent aujourd’hui l’industrie de l’automatisation », précise la société. En suivant ce chemin, il s’avère que Google a réduit sa facture électrique : en moyenne, l’entreprise dit avoir obtenu des économies d’énergie de 30 % alors que le mécanisme n’est déployé que depuis quelques mois”.

Source : IA : Google confie les clés du refroidissement de ses data centers à ses algorithmes – Tech – Numerama

“One EU official said the commission’s push for an EU-wide law targeting terrorist content reflected concern that European governments would take unilateral action. Germany this year enforced a high profile “hate speech” law that targets anything from fake news to racist content. Companies must remove potentially illegal material within 24 hours or face fines of up to €50m. The EU still opts for self-regulation by platforms on more subjective areas such as hate speech and fake news”.

Source : Brussels to act against tech groups over terror content | Financial Times

“Aujourd’hui, parler d’innovation, de nouvelles technologies, c’est bien trop souvent parler de la côte ouest des États-Unis. Je veux que demain tous les entrepreneurs et les ingénieurs Français, européens et pourquoi pas plus loin sachent que la France leur tend les bras, sachent que s’ils ont une idée, la DGA sera l’abri des créatifs, des novateurs et des audacieux”.

Source : Discours_balard_05-07-2018_Transformation_DGA

Four video still images of Tucker Carlson speaking

Four video still images that mirror the original Tucker Carlson video. The face on the speaker appears to be that of actor Nicolas Cage.

“Lyu says a skilled forger could get around his eye-blinking tool simply by collecting images that show a person blinking. But he adds that his team has developed an even more effective technique, but says he’s keeping it secret for the moment. “I’d rather hold off at least for a little bit,” Lyu says. “We have a little advantage over the forgers right now, and we want to keep that advantage.””

Source : The Defense Department has produced the first tools for catching deepfakes – MIT Technology Review

“The Pentagon is banning deployed personnel from using fitness trackers, smartphones and potentially even dating apps that use geolocating features that could reveal the user’s location. The ban was announced in a Pentagon memorandum issued Friday and signed by Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahang”.

Source : Pentagon bans use of geolocators on fitness trackers, smartphones – CNNPolitics

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