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“Tesla withdrew from the party agreement with the NTSB because it requires that we not release information about Autopilot to the public, a requirement which we believe fundamentally affects public safety negatively. We believe in transparency, so an agreement that prevents public release of information for over a year is unacceptable. Even though we won’t be a formal party, we will continue to provide technical assistance to the NTSB.”

Source : Tesla booted from investigation into fatal Autopilot crash – The Verge

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L’utilisation de votre voiture en covoiturage ou en trajet à la demande est permise avec vos proches , en revanche toute activité de ce genre à des fins commerciales ne sera autorisée que sur le réseau Tesla

Source : Tesla interdira d’utiliser ses voitures autonomes avec BlaBlaCar ou Uber – Business – Numerama

Les musiques de démo sur l’avenir technologique viennent du même disque ou c’est une impression ?

Source : Revolutionize Your Commute | Tesla Motors

CEO Elon Musk, who considers safety a big selling point of Tesla cars, is not too pleased about that.

Source : Elon Musk is going to pull back on autopilot mode to keep Tesla drivers from “doing crazy things” – Quartz

But here’s where it gets interesting: Telsa is continuously uploading real-world sensor data from 7.0-equipped vehicles to home base — Musk calls it « fleet learning technology » — which means that the autopilot capabilities should theoretically get more reliable over time.

Source : Tesla’s cars can drive themselves starting tomorrow | The Verge

Tesla Drone

Introducing the Tesla Drone  a unique reinterpretation of drone ingenuity.

Source : The Tesla Drone on Behance

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