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“About 100M public messages have been collected and analyzed to understand the digital response in online social media to COVID-19 outbreak. Specifically, we used machine learning techniques to quantify: collective sentiment & psychology: lexicon-based and rule-based emotional and psychological state social bot pollution: The fraction of activities due to social bots and the exposure of the Twitterverse to unreliable news News reliability: the fraction of URLs pointing to reliable news and scientific sources”

Source : COVID19 Infodemics Observatory

“An analysis of millions of tweets from around the period when Donald Trump announced the US would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement found that bots tended to applaud the president for his actions and spread misinformation about the science. The study of Twitter bots and climate was undertaken by Brown University and has yet to be published.”

Source : Revealed: quarter of all tweets about climate crisis produced by bots | Technology | The Guardian

“We recently discovered that when you provided an email address or phone number for safety or security purposes (for example, two-factor authentication) this data may have inadvertently been used for advertising purposes, specifically in our Tailored Audiences and Partner Audiences advertising system. ”

Source : Personal information and ads on Twitter

Twitter is removing precise location in Tweets…

“The tool, called LPAuditor (short for Location Privacy Auditor), exploits what the researchers call an « invasive policy » Twitter deployed after it introduced the ability to tag tweets with a location in 2009. For years, users who chose to geotag tweets with any location, even something as geographically broad as “New York City,” also automatically gave their precise GPS coordinates. Users wouldn’t see the coordinates displayed on Twitter. Nor would their followers. But the GPS information would still be included in the tweet’s metadata and accessible through Twitter’s API”.

Source : Your Old Tweets Give Away More Location Data Than You Think | WIRED

alt net alt right

“But the rest of the world doesn’t even need to clamp down on the alternative web to relegate it to irrelevancy. The reason why these echo chambers are mostly ghost towns, Squirrell says, is that they deprive posters of the one thing that many of them crave: attention. “A huge amount of the culture that these people have is that they want to trigger as many people as possible,” he says. And to do that, you’re better off on the real internet. “If you want to produce something that will eventually get out into the world, 4chan is the place to do it,” Squirrel says.”

Source : The wheels are falling off the alt-right’s version of the internet | WIRED UK


“Cette affaire, comme beaucoup d’autres, illustre une nouvelle fois la difficulté qu’a Twitter à modérer son réseau social. Malgré les avalanches d’annonces ces dernières années visant à faire de cette plate-forme un espace de discussion plus « sain », Twitter a échoué à supprimer une menace de mort signalée par la personne ciblée – et n’a réagi que lorsque l’auteur de ce message a fait les gros titres. Malgré les efforts annoncés par Twitter, les messages de haine, les menaces et le harcèlement parviennent à subsister sur le réseau social.”

Source : Colis piégés aux Etats-Unis : Twitter s’excuse d’avoir laissé en ligne des menaces du suspect

Twitter Sold Data Access to Cambridge Analytica-Linked Researcher

Cela remonte à avril, mais cela m’avait échappé…

“Twitter sold data access to the Cambridge University academic who also obtained millions of Facebook users’ information that was later passed to a political consulting firm without the users’ consent. Aleksandr Kogan, who created a personality quiz on Facebook to harvest information later used by Cambridge Analytica, established his own commercial enterprise, Global Science Research (GSR). That firm was granted access to large-scale public Twitter data, covering months of posts, for one day in 2015, according to Twitter.”

Source : Twitter Sold Data Access to Cambridge Analytica-Linked Researcher – Bloomberg

“Elon Musk reached a deal with the S.E.C. on Saturday night to resolve securities fraud charges tied to his bid to take Tesla private. The deal requires him to step aside as the automaker’s chairman for three years — though he can remain C.E.O. — and pay a $20 million fine. Tesla must also name two independent directors and monitor Mr. Musk’s communications with investors.”

Source : DealBook Briefing: The S.E.C. Can’t Change Elon Musk – The New York Times

“A l’instar des partis politiques, qui utilisent les Big Data issus des réseaux sociaux pour analyser les opinions de leurs concitoyens, nous avons souhaité pour cette présidentielle mettre les outils de la recherche à disposition des citoyens via ce « macroscope politique ». A l’ère du numérique, ce rééquilibrage dans l’utilisation des outils du Big Data est à notre sens indispensable pour préserver un accès démocratique à l’information”.

Source : Le Politoscope | Politoscope

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