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«Quelle que soit la plate-forme, toutes cherchent à fidéliser leurs conducteurs. Les sociétés multiplient les cellules et cercles d’écoute, les services ou les incitations financières… Car après le choc d’offre, le secteur va être confronté à un choc de demande».

Source : VTC : la course aux chauffeurs

« Apps like Uber and Waze have been criticized for forcing users to grant them full access to a phone’s location status even when the app is not being used in order to operate. As we wrote last year, that raises the potential for them to quietly collect background information on users, even though Uber, for one, has played that suggestion down. Those days will soon be over for many users thanks to a new setting in iOS 11 that introduces the “While Using The App” location setting for all apps ».

Source : iOS 11 stops apps like Uber and Waze from accessing user location data at all times | TechCrunch

« Before accepting rides on his Uber app each day, Seattle driver Fasil Teka must first choose whether to listen to company-run podcasts on voting rights, collective bargaining and city council hearings. He and other drivers in the city have received text messages, meeting invites and phone surveys from ride-hailing firm Uber Technologies Inc. in an attempt, the company says, to sway them against unionizing ».

Source : Uber Gears Up to Block Bid to Form a Union in Seattle – WSJ

« Why did Uber launch the self-driving in pilot in San Francisco if it knew it was in violation of the law? A likely scenario was that Uber didn’t want to disclose its disengagement rate — the number of times the vehicle forced the human driver to take control because it couldn’t safely navigate the conditions on the road — or any accidents to the DMV, and by extension the public ».

Source : Uber dismissed warnings about its illegal self-driving test for months, emails show – The Verge

The ride-sharing company will pay the Federal Trade Commission $20 million to settle charges that it misled people over how much they could earn driving. Uber is also settling an FTC claim that its vehicle-financing programs, designed to make cars available to people who need them, were not in fact the “best financing options available.” By settling, Uber has not explicitly admitted to any of the FTC’s allegations. But the evidence against the company is compelling. For years, the company exaggerated and o

Source : Uber is paying the FTC $20 million for misleading drivers about how much they really make — Quartz

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