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GELT 2015-2018

“The map  takes the more than 6.6 billion location mentions across the 850 million worldwide news articles monitored by GDELT 2015-2018, snaps them to a 0.001 degree grid and then visualizes the final dataset. Locations are not sized by the number of mentions they receive, meaning a major metropolis mentioned tens of millions of times will still only appear as a single small dot in the image below. Due to artifacts of the rasterization pipeline you will see a few areas of the map below with rectangular artifacting – those are technical issues, rather than meaningful geographic patterns”

Source : Mapping The Geography Of GDELT: 2015-2018 – The GDELT Project

“A l’instar des partis politiques, qui utilisent les Big Data issus des réseaux sociaux pour analyser les opinions de leurs concitoyens, nous avons souhaité pour cette présidentielle mettre les outils de la recherche à disposition des citoyens via ce « macroscope politique ». A l’ère du numérique, ce rééquilibrage dans l’utilisation des outils du Big Data est à notre sens indispensable pour préserver un accès démocratique à l’information”.

Source : Le Politoscope | Politoscope

«Today, we collectively and continuously document our city experience on social media platforms, shaping a virtual city image. Multiplicity reveals a novel view of this photographic landscape of attention and interests. How does Paris look as seen through the lens of thousands of photographers? What are the hotspots of attraction, what are the neglected corners? What are recurring poses and tropes? And how well do the published pictures reflect your personal view of the city?» – Via Nicolas Nova

Source : Truth & Beauty – Multiplicity


«IDEA is a series of nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions by Sándor P. Fekete, Sebastian Morr, and Sebastian Stiller. They were originally created for Sándor’s algorithms and datastructures lecture at TU Braunschweig, but we hope they will be useful in all sorts of context».


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