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They found no guns, no bombs or bomb-making materials, no written plan of attack, really no indication at all that the comments were anything more than a bad sense of humor, or just bad judgment.
Still, Carter spent months in jail. While he was there, his attorney says he was beaten and sexually assaulted. And he’s still looking at up to 10 years in prison.

Les lieux d’habitation par exemple, définissaient notre appartenance, la politique se référait à la cité. C’est fini! Sur la Toile, l’appartenance devient fluctuante et les nations sont en voie de disparition. «Quelle chance!» se réjouit au passage le philosophe. «Les nations, combien de millions de morts?», demande-t-il en référence aux XIXe et XXe siècles.

It’s hard to learn to play the piano just by watching a video of a great pianist. Interactive learning is much more effective! helps you make embeddable interactive educational “explorations” that let people learn by doing.

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