“Edmondson has no plans to make the device into a commercial product, but he says the design could easily be copied and reused by anyone with some technical knowledge. Many of the parts involved are easy to obtain or may be lying around the homes of people in tech communities.
Ultimately, he says, the tech community needs to take tech-enabled tracking and surveillance more seriously. “It was really kind of disheartening and depressing to look at the ratio of tools to spy on people versus tools to help you not get spied on,” he says, adding that a person close to him has been the victim of a stalker in the past. In the case of his clandestine friend in another government department, the anti-tracking device was useful. “It was really designed to help someone who came to me asking for help,” he says. Fortunately for Edmondson’s friend (and his source), they used it in the real world, and the device didn’t find anyone following them.”

Source : This Anti-Tracking Tool Checks If You’re Being Followed | WIRED