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Au nom de l’éthique Google, IBM et Microsoft, ont renoncé à des projets IA

cerveau en circuit imprimé sur fond de planète terre

“Google, Microsoft et IBM mettent en avant ces différents cas pour rassurer le grand public et les autorités face à une technologie qui a connu ses casseroles. Entre les possibilités de surveillance de masse ouvertes par la reconnaissance faciale, les biais d’IA racistes, il n’est plus utile de mobiliser la science-fiction pour s’interroger sur l’IA.Les entreprises technologiques l’ont rapidement compris, Microsoft a ouvert son Comité éthique en 2017, Google et IBM en 2018. Insuffisant pour les associations de défenses des droits. Selon Jascha Galaski, chargé de plaidoyer pour l’Union des libertés civiles pour l’Europe, les comités éthiques manquent encore d’indépendance et de transparence. Il estime « utopique » qu’ils finissent par le devenir d’eux-mêmes.”

Source : Au nom de l’éthique Google, IBM et Microsoft, ont renoncé à des projets IA

AI Explorables | PAIR

“The rapidly increasing usage of machine learning raises complicated questions: How can we tell if models are fair? Why do models make the predictions that they do? What are the privacy implications of feeding enormous amounts of data into models? This ongoing series of interactive, formula-free essays will walk you through these important concepts.”

Source : AI Explorables | PAIR

A Smart Lamp That Watches Kids When They Study Is a Hit in China

“The lamps come equipped with two built-in cameras—one facing the child and another offering a bird’s-eye view from above—letting parents remotely monitor their children when they study. There is a smartphone-sized screen attached to each lamp, which applies artificial intelligence to offer guidance on math problems and difficult words. And parents can hire a human proctor to digitally monitor their children as they study.In addition to the basic version of the lamp, a $170 upgraded model sends alerts and photos to parents when their children slouch. That version of the lamp sold out on China’s largest e-commerce platforms earlier this month.”

Source : A Smart Lamp That Watches Kids When They Study Is a Hit in China – WSJ

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Incident Database

N.Y.P.D. Robot Dog’s Run Is Cut Short After Fierce Backlash

“The AI Incident Database is a collection of harms or near harms realized in the real world by the deployment of intelligent systems. You are invited to submit reports to the database, whereupon accepted incidents will be indexed and made discoverable to people developing and deploying the next generation of AI technology to the world. Artificial intelligence will only be a benefit to people and society if we collectively record and learn from its failings.”

Source : Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Incident Database

Using AI to help find answers to common skin conditions

“To make sure we’re building for everyone, our model accounts for factors like age, sex, race and skin types — from pale skin that does not tan to brown skin that rarely burns. We developed and fine-tuned our model with de-identified data encompassing around 65,000 images and case data of diagnosed skin conditions, millions of curated skin concern images and thousands of examples of healthy skin — all across different demographics.  Recently, the AI model that powers our tool successfully passed clinical validation, and the tool has been CE marked as a Class I medical device in the EU.”

Source : Using AI to help find answers to common skin conditions

“As long as there’s been popular music, musicians and crews have struggled with mental health at a rate far exceeding the general adult population. And this issue hasn’t just been ignored. It’s been romanticized, by things like the 27 Club—a group of musicians whose lives were all lost at just 27 years old. To show the world what’s been lost to this mental health crisis, we’ve used artificial intelligence to create the album the 27 Club never had the chance to. Through this album, we’re encouraging more music industry insiders to get the mental health support they need, so they can continue making the music we all love for years to come. Because even AI will never replace the real thing.”

Source : Lost Tapes of the 27 Club

Facebook has been autogenerating pages for white supremacists

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress in April 2018. It wasn't his only appearance in DC this decade.

“A total of 113 white supremacist organizations and groups had a presence on Facebook, sometimes more than one. One user-generated page that has been active for over a decade had 42,000 likes. Ten other pages and one group had more than 1,000 likes each.Much of Facebook’s moderation system relies on artificial intelligence to flag potential violations for human moderators, a system that appears to be easily thwarted. Simple misspellings of words—whether by adding vowels or using $ in place of S, for example—have been enough to foil algorithmic moderation.”

Source : Facebook has been autogenerating pages for white supremacists | Ars Technica

Capture d'écran du film The Social Dilemma

“Quand les universitaires s’engagent dans la critique, ils donnent plus d’autorité à ces récits. Quand McKinsey estime que 60 % des professions auront 1/3 de leurs activités automatisées par l’IA, la firme de consulting vend son baratin, la peur qui va avec et tente de faire croire aux dirigeants d’entreprises que leur environnement va radicalement se transformer. Quand l’AI Now Institute cite ce rapport comme une source crédible et affirme que les décideurs politiques devraient le prendre au sérieux et investir de l’argent pour mieux comprendre les problèmes que cela pourrait générer, cela pose un problème, car cette source n’est pas crédible. Au final, l’AI Now Institute rend ces élucubrations plus crédibles qu’elles ne le sont !, affirme Vinsel.”

Source : L’illusion de l’innovation… et l’illusion de sa critique | InternetActu.net

Open AI - Jukebox

“We’re introducing Jukebox, a neural net that generates music, including rudimentary singing, as raw audio in a variety of genres and artist styles. We’re releasing the model weights and code, along with a tool to explore the generated samples.”

Source : Jukebox

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