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“Elon Musk reached a deal with the S.E.C. on Saturday night to resolve securities fraud charges tied to his bid to take Tesla private. The deal requires him to step aside as the automaker’s chairman for three years — though he can remain C.E.O. — and pay a $20 million fine. Tesla must also name two independent directors and monitor Mr. Musk’s communications with investors.”

Source : DealBook Briefing: The S.E.C. Can’t Change Elon Musk – The New York Times

“Our team of five neural networks, OpenAI Five, has started to defeat amateur human teams at Dota 2. While today we play with restrictions, we aim to beat a team of top professionals at The International in August subject only to a limited set of heroes. We may not succeed: Dota 2 is one of the most popular and complex esports games in the world, with creative and motivated professionals who train year-round to earn part of Dota’s annual $40M prize pool.
OpenAI Five plays 180 years worth of games against itself every day, learning via self-play. It trains using a scaled-up version of Proximal Policy Optimization running on 256 GPUs and 128,000 CPU cores — a larger-scale version of the system we built to play the much-simpler solo variant of the game last year. Using a separate LSTM for each hero and no human data, it learns recognizable strategies. This indicates that reinforcement learning can yield long-term planning with large but achievable scale — without fundamental advances, contrary to our own expectations upon starting the project”.

Source : OpenAI Five

«Chaque époque a connu ses propres oracles, raconte Nicolas Nova, professeur à la Haute Ecole d’art et de design à Genève et cofondateur du Near Future Laboratory, agence spécialisée dans la prospective et l’innovation. Depuis la fin de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale, il y a une constitution d’un corps de métier, plus rationnel, qui se consacre à ces questions»

Source : Les techno-prophètes sont parmi nous – Le Temps

« La vie sera plus dure sur Mars ou sur la Lune que sur la Terre. La vie sur Mars ne sera pas une échappatoire pour les riches. Pour les premiers, ce sera très dangereux, et il y aura une forte probabilité qu’ils meurent.
[…] Il faut s’assurer qu’il y ait assez de graines de la civilisation humaine ailleurs pour la ranimer. C’est important d’établir une base autonome sur Mars, car c’est suffisamment loin de la Terre, et elle aura davantage de chances de survie.
[…] On n’autorise pas n’importe qui à fabriquer des armes nucléaires, ce serait fou. Et pourtant, retenez ce que je vous dis, l’IA est beaucoup, beaucoup plus dangereuse que les armes nucléaires ! » – Elon Musk.

Source : Humanité en péril, loi martienne et intelligence artificielle : à Austin, Elon Musk fait son show

AI needs regulating because the big tech companies have got too big for their own good. And like every other industry sector before it that has got too big – the banks, the oil companies, the telecom firms – regulation is needed to ensure the public good. To ensure that we all benefit and not just the tech elite.
We’re beginning to see the corrosive effects of Facebook’s algorithms on political debate, of Amazon’s dominance of the retail sector, and of Google’s monopoly on search. And it’s hard to know where to begin with a company like Uber. There’s just so much to criticise.
However, the problems today are not caused by super smart AI, but stupid AI.

Source : Elon Musk is wrong. The AI singularity won’t kill us all | WIRED UK

« Over the past week, our bot was undefeated against many top professionals including SumaiL (top 1v1 player in the world) and Arteezy (top overall player in the world). Dota 1v1 is a complex game with hidden information. Agents must learn to plan, attack, trick, and deceive their opponents. The correlation between player skill and actions-per-minute is not strong, and in fact, our AI’s actions-per-minute are comparable to that of an average human player ».

Elon Musk ne comprend peut-être rien à l’IA, mais Tesla et OpenAI ont « un peu » d’avance sur Google, et beaucoup sur Facebook…

Imaginons un monde où le Go serait comme le morpion !

Source : Open AI – Dota 2

« There will be fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot do better. I want to be clear. These are not things I wish will happen; these are things I think probably will happen. And if my assessment is correct and they probably will happen, than we have to think about what are we going to do about it? I think some kind of universal basic income is going to be necessary. The output of goods and services will be extremely high. With automation there will come abundance. Almost everything will get very cheap. I think we’ll end up doing universal basic income. It’s going to be necessary ». – Elon Musk

Source : Elon Musk says automation will make a universal basic income necessary soon

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