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« By releasing our technology publicly and making it available to anyone, we want to ensure that there will be no such risks. We hope that everyone will soon be aware that such technology exists and that copying the voice of someone else is possible. More generally, we want to raise attention about the lack of evidence that audio recordings may represent in the near future ».

Source : Eerie tech promises to copy anyone’s voice from just 1 minute of audio

L’imagination semble bien en panne… Des véhicules avec moins de passagers, qui prennent plus de place et avec des contraintes de sécurité supérieures, pour réduire les embouteillages… Fascinant !

Dans ce cas, il faut ajouter à cette absurdité l’exigence de disponibilité de modules terrestres. Mais il est question d’IA alors ça doit être sérieux !

Via Airbus Group

Suleyman also argued that the kind of General AI we see in movies today probably won’t look anything like the general AI systems we will get decades from now. “When it comes to imagining what the future will be like, a lot of that is fun and entertaining, but it doesn’t bear a great deal of resemblance to the systems that we are building,” he said. “I can’t really think of a film that makes me think: yeah – AI looks like that.”

Source : DeepMind’s Mustafa Suleyman says general AI is still a long way off | TechCrunch

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