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Développé avec l’objectif de palier aux problèmes de qualité de surface liés à la fabrication additive, ce procédé permet de proposer des pièces imprimées en 3D qui offrent une qualité similaire à l’injection plastique.

Source : Lissage Embelliseur

Welcome to 42, the Most Daring Coding University. Disruptive Education. Tuition Free. Non-Profit. Open to All..

Source : 42.us.org

This was a minor crash with serious implications: Google’s autonomous vehicles have been in accidents before, but the tech giant was always quick to note that its technology was never at fault (the cars tend to get rear-ended at red lights). It may not be able to say that anymore.

Source : Google’s Self-Driving Car Caused Its First Crash | WIRED

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