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Facebook’s Secret Blacklist of “Dangerous” Groups and People

““Facebook puts users in a near-impossible position by telling them they can’t post about dangerous groups and individuals, but then refusing to publicly identify who it considers dangerous,” said Faiza Patel, co-director of the Brennan Center for Justice’s liberty and national security program, who reviewed the material. The list and associated rules appear to be a clear embodiment of American anxieties, political concerns, and foreign policy values since 9/11, experts said, even though the DIO policy is meant to protect all Facebook users and applies to those who reside outside of the United States (the vast majority). Nearly everyone and everything on the list is considered a foe or threat by America or its allies: Over half of it consists of alleged foreign terrorists, free discussion of which is subject to Facebook’s harshest censorship.”

Source : Facebook’s Secret Blacklist of “Dangerous” Groups and People

Ces Afghans qui effacent leurs traces numériques par crainte des talibans

Des talibans contrôlent des conducteurs dans le centre de Kaboul, en Afghanistan, le 15 septembre 2021.

“Lorsque Kaboul est tombée aux mains des talibans, le 15 août, Nilofar Ayoubi a créé, avec ses amies militantes des droits humains, un groupe WhatsApp sur lequel elles échangeaient les dernières informations. « C’est sur ce groupe que j’ai découvert le dispositif mis en place par Facebook pour les Afghans. Je l’ai donc utilisé pour verrouiller mon compte Facebook. J’ai aussi changé la photo et le nom de mes comptes Instagram et Twitter, tout en les rendant privés », explique cette entrepreneuse afghane. Figure de l’opposition aux talibans, cette mère de trois enfants vit aujourd’hui en exil en Pologne.”

Source : Ces Afghans qui effacent leurs traces numériques par crainte des talibans

YouTube Bans Anti-Vaccine Misinformation

YouTube said it was banning the accounts of several prominent anti-vaccine activists from its platform, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s.

“In a blog post, YouTube said it would remove videos claiming that vaccines do not reduce rates of transmission or contraction of disease, and content that includes misinformation on the makeup of the vaccines. Claims that approved vaccines cause autism, cancer or infertility, or that the vaccines contain trackers, will also be removed.
Prominent anti-vaccine activists have long been able to build huge audiences online, helped along by the algorithmic powers of social networks that prioritize videos and posts that are particularly successful at capturing people’s attention. A nonprofit, the Center for Countering Digital Hate, published research this year showing that a group of 12 people were responsible for sharing 65 percent of all anti-vaccine messaging on social media, calling the group the “Disinformation Dozen.” In July, the White House cited the research as it criticized tech companies for allowing misinformation about the coronavirus and vaccines to spread widely, sparking a tense back-and-forth between the administration and Facebook.”

Source : YouTube Bans Anti-Vaccine Misinformation – The New York Times

Tessellated TikTok logos against a dark background.

“A member of the Stanford Behavioral Laboratory posted on a Prolific forum, “We have noticed a huge leap in the number of participants on the platform in the US Pool, from 40k to 80k. Which is great, however, now a lot of our studies have a gender skew where maybe 85% of participants are women. Plus the age has been averaging around 21.” Wayne State psychologist Hannah Schechter seems to have been the first person to crack the case. “This may be far-fetched,” she tweeted, linking to Frank’s video, “but given the timing, virality of the video, and the user’s follower demographics….” Long-standing Prolific survey-takers complained on Reddit that Frank had made it difficult to find paid surveys to take on the overrun platform.”

Source : A teenager on TikTok disrupted thousands of scientific studies with a single video – The Verge

Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Teen Girls, Company Documents Show

“They came to the conclusion that some of the problems were specific to Instagram, and not social media more broadly. That is especially true concerning so-called social comparison, which is when people assess their own value in relation to the attractiveness, wealth and success of others. “Social comparison is worse on Instagram,” states Facebook’s deep dive into teen girl body-image issues in 2020, noting that TikTok, a short-video app, is grounded in performance, while users on Snapchat, a rival photo and video-sharing app, are sheltered by jokey filters that “keep the focus on the face.” In contrast, Instagram focuses heavily on the body and lifestyle.”

Source : Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Teen Girls, Company Documents Show – WSJ

“Et dans ce domaine, les 15 membres qui ont composé cet organe temporaire jugent qu’il faudra en passer par une meilleure formation des forces de l’ordre vis-à-vis du droit applicable. En effet, le rapport considère qu’il y a un important travail de pédagogie à faire à l’égard des policiers et des gendarmes pour leur rappeler qu’ils n’ont pas le droit d’interdire au public, et encore moins aux journalistes, de les filmer.”

Source : Un rapport conseille de rappeler aux policiers qu’ils n’ont pas le droit d’interdire qu’on les filme

Facebook has been autogenerating pages for white supremacists

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress in April 2018. It wasn't his only appearance in DC this decade.

“A total of 113 white supremacist organizations and groups had a presence on Facebook, sometimes more than one. One user-generated page that has been active for over a decade had 42,000 likes. Ten other pages and one group had more than 1,000 likes each.Much of Facebook’s moderation system relies on artificial intelligence to flag potential violations for human moderators, a system that appears to be easily thwarted. Simple misspellings of words—whether by adding vowels or using $ in place of S, for example—have been enough to foil algorithmic moderation.”

Source : Facebook has been autogenerating pages for white supremacists | Ars Technica

Accord politique sur la suppression des contenus à caractère terroriste en ligne

Logo Commission Européenne

“La Commission se félicite de l’accord politique intervenu aujourd’hui entre le Parlement européen et le Conseil sur la proposition de règlement relatif à la prévention de la diffusion de contenus à caractère terroriste en ligne. Une fois adopté, ce règlement garantira que les plateformes en ligne jouent un rôle plus actif dans la détection des contenus à caractère terroriste en ligne et que ceux-ci sont supprimés en l’espace d’une heure au maximum. Grâce à l’accord intervenu, la diffusion des idéologies extrémistes en ligne pourra être contrée, ce qui est vital pour combattre la radicalisation et prévenir les attentats. Ces règles constituent un volet essentiel du programme de lutte antiterroriste pour l’UE présenté par la Commission.”

Source : Accord politique sur la suppression des contenus à caractère terroriste en ligne

How Some Conservatives Have Switched to Parler, Rumble and Newsmax

Parler is a Twitter-like app that describes itself as the world’s “premier free speech social network.”

“It might be too early to know whether a widespread, permanent shift away from major outlets will last, especially given the reach of Facebook, Twitter and Fox News. While conservative threats of mass migration away from mainstream apps and news have occurred periodically, people still seem to return to the biggest platforms. Ms. Zepeda, a longtime Facebook user, said she would keep her Facebook account to maintain access to the pictures she’s uploaded over the years. But she expects to drop the social network as a daily destination, joining one of the many Facebook groups that are planning a “Mass Exit off Facebook to Parler & MeWe,” scheduled for Friday. “I’m tired of the bias towards Democrats and liberals,” she said.”

Source : How Some Conservatives Have Switched to Parler, Rumble and Newsmax – The New York Times

“The hearing highlighted the partisan divisions over Silicon Valley’s recent crackdown on misinformation that have been evident throughout the election campaign, with Republicans accusing the companies of going too far in labeling or otherwise limiting the spread of falsehoods and Democrats demanding they do more, especially as Trump and his allies continue to use Twitter and Facebook to spread claims of election fraud without evidence.”

Source : Dorsey, Zuckerberg face senators in another tech hearing on how they handle disinformation – The Washington Post

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