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“The hearing highlighted the partisan divisions over Silicon Valley’s recent crackdown on misinformation that have been evident throughout the election campaign, with Republicans accusing the companies of going too far in labeling or otherwise limiting the spread of falsehoods and Democrats demanding they do more, especially as Trump and his allies continue to use Twitter and Facebook to spread claims of election fraud without evidence.”

Source : Dorsey, Zuckerberg face senators in another tech hearing on how they handle disinformation – The Washington Post

“Twitter it was looking into why the neural network it uses to generate photo previews apparently chooses to show white people’s faces more frequently than Black faces. Several Twitter users demonstrated the issue over the weekend, posting examples of posts that had a Black person’s face and a white person’s face. Twitter’s preview showed the white faces more often.”

Source : Twitter is looking into why its photo preview appears to favor white faces over Black faces – The Verge

“On Friday, Mr Trump posted on Facebook and Twitter that he would respond to violent protests with military force, saying: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” While Twitter slapped a warning on the post and hid it from view for “glorifying violence”, Facebook left the message intact. Over the weekend, Facebook employees contrasted their company’s stance unfavourably with Twitter’s, which last week also labelled two of Mr Trump’s other tweets as potentially misleading.”

Source : Facebook employees revolt over Zuckerberg’s stance on Trump | Financial Times


“About 100M public messages have been collected and analyzed to understand the digital response in online social media to COVID-19 outbreak. Specifically, we used machine learning techniques to quantify: collective sentiment & psychology: lexicon-based and rule-based emotional and psychological state social bot pollution: The fraction of activities due to social bots and the exposure of the Twitterverse to unreliable news News reliability: the fraction of URLs pointing to reliable news and scientific sources”

Source : COVID19 Infodemics Observatory

“We recently discovered that when you provided an email address or phone number for safety or security purposes (for example, two-factor authentication) this data may have inadvertently been used for advertising purposes, specifically in our Tailored Audiences and Partner Audiences advertising system. ”

Source : Personal information and ads on Twitter

“The tool, called LPAuditor (short for Location Privacy Auditor), exploits what the researchers call an « invasive policy » Twitter deployed after it introduced the ability to tag tweets with a location in 2009. For years, users who chose to geotag tweets with any location, even something as geographically broad as “New York City,” also automatically gave their precise GPS coordinates. Users wouldn’t see the coordinates displayed on Twitter. Nor would their followers. But the GPS information would still be included in the tweet’s metadata and accessible through Twitter’s API”.

Source : Your Old Tweets Give Away More Location Data Than You Think | WIRED

alt net alt right

“But the rest of the world doesn’t even need to clamp down on the alternative web to relegate it to irrelevancy. The reason why these echo chambers are mostly ghost towns, Squirrell says, is that they deprive posters of the one thing that many of them crave: attention. “A huge amount of the culture that these people have is that they want to trigger as many people as possible,” he says. And to do that, you’re better off on the real internet. “If you want to produce something that will eventually get out into the world, 4chan is the place to do it,” Squirrel says.”

Source : The wheels are falling off the alt-right’s version of the internet | WIRED UK


“Cette affaire, comme beaucoup d’autres, illustre une nouvelle fois la difficulté qu’a Twitter à modérer son réseau social. Malgré les avalanches d’annonces ces dernières années visant à faire de cette plate-forme un espace de discussion plus « sain », Twitter a échoué à supprimer une menace de mort signalée par la personne ciblée – et n’a réagi que lorsque l’auteur de ce message a fait les gros titres. Malgré les efforts annoncés par Twitter, les messages de haine, les menaces et le harcèlement parviennent à subsister sur le réseau social.”

Source : Colis piégés aux Etats-Unis : Twitter s’excuse d’avoir laissé en ligne des menaces du suspect

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