Étiquette : A/B testing

«Facebook is bringing « dark posts » into the light in response to the election interference on social media last year, and the new rules will impact all advertisers.On Friday, Facebook revealed a new system of disclosing what groups and companies paid for ads on its platform: Any ads running on Facebook will be readily viewable by anyone.That means no more so-called dark posts, ads that target only a particular set of people but are invisible otherwise because they never appear as posts on a brand or group’s page».

Source : Facebook to Drag Dark Posts Into Light Thanks to Election | Digital – AdAge

Facebook A/B Testing

«Facebook is either A/B testing the hell out of their mobile app navigation or using an algorithm (based on people’s behaviors, regions, strategic/promotional considerations, machine learning models?) to create personalized navigation menus for its two billion users. To learn more, please share your Facebook mobile navigation here and any useful notes (device, operating system, country/region what features you use, etc.)».

Source : Facebook Mobile Navigation – Google Docs

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