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«Breakdown reel showcasing David Fincher’s invisible visual effects in the Netflix Original Series Mindhunter».

«Une autre expérimentation consiste à mesurer en temps réel le niveau d’attention des élèves en les filmant dans la classe avec deux caméras. Tous les professeurs perdent à un ­moment donné l’attention de leur auditoire. Certains s’en rendent compte et réagissent : ils modifient par exemple le tempo de leur voix ou mentionnent que le sujet sera au programme du prochain contrôle. D’autres ne prennent pas conscience qu’ils ont perdu l’attention des élèves, parce qu’ils regardent seulement ceux du premier rang, qui suivent bien. Et, donc, on peut envisager d’envoyer une alerte à ce professeur sur son smartphone pour l’informer qu’il n’a plus que 10 % d’étudiants attentifs à son cours».

Source : « Nous mesurons en temps réel le niveau d’attention des élèves »

«Yesterday at Adobe MAX, the company showed off a crazy new technology they’re working on called ‘Adobe Cloak.’ It’s like the Content Aware Fill feature in Photoshop, except that it can erase moving objects from video».

via dpreview.com.

The trunk of a self-driving Ford Fusion

«Everything the vehicle “sees” with its sensors, all of the images, mapping data, and audio material picked up by its cameras, needs to be processed by giant PCs in order for the vehicle to make split-second decisions. All this processing must be done with multiple levels of redundancy to ensure the highest level of safety. This is why so many self-driving operators prefer SUVs, minivans, and other large wheelbase vehicles: autonomous cars need enormous space in the trunk for their big “brains.”. But Nvidia claims to have shrunk down its GPU, making it an easier fit for production vehicles».

Source : Nvidia says its new supercomputer will enable the highest level of automated driving – The Verge

PornHub Machine learning

«In (very, very unpublishable) clips shared with Engadget, the system was able to identify both the names of the performers in a scene, and what they were doing. Tags such as « blowjob, » « doggy, » « cowgirl, » and « missionary » floated on screen with the corresponding action. The system is also capable of, for instance, identifying blonde performers and adding the requisite tags».

Source : Pornhub is improving search with an AI porn addict

« White-Collar Offender Tends to have a low self-esteem, a high IQ and charisma. Anxious, tensed and frustrated, competitive, ambitious and dominant. Usually loves to take risks and have a dry sense of humor » – Description of White-Collar Offender…

Source : FACEPTION | Our Technology

Deep learning software for colorizing black and white images with a few clicks.

« Epic Games has released a realistic, comprehensive Unreal Engine 4 sample along with accompanying documentation to demonstrate the use of high-quality character shader techniques, similar to those used for characters in Paragon, Epic’s MOBA for PC and PS4 ».

Source : Photorealistic Character Sample Released

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