“The Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine 46,225 mm2 with 1.2 Trillion transistors and 400,000 AI-optimized cores. By comparison, the largest Graphics Processing Unit is 815 mm2 and has 21.1 Billion transistors.”

Source : Home – Cerebras

o mg cable

“A hacker who goes by the online handle MG took an innocent-looking Apple USB Lightning cable and rigged it with a small Wi-Fi-enabled implant, which, when plugged into a computer, lets a nearby hacker run commands as if they were sitting in front of the screen.”

Source : This hacker’s iPhone charging cable can hijack your computer | TechCrunch

“Netflix would’ve avoided this controversy if it had plainly told subscribers what it was doing somewhere in the app or with a notification. Instead, people discovered that Netflix was utilizing Android’s physical activity permission, which is strange behavior from a video streaming app. In some instances, it was doing this without asking users to approve the move first, as was the case for The Next Web’s Ivan Mehta. You’ve got to be transparent if you want to monitor anyone’s movements.”

Source : Netflix explains why it snuck a physical activity tracker onto some phones – The Verge

“The Federal Trade Commission is examining Facebook’s acquisitions as part of its antitrust investigation into the social-media giant, seeking to determine if they were part of a campaign to snap up potential rivals to head off competitive threats, according to people familiar with the matter.”

Source : FTC Antitrust Probe of Facebook Scrutinizes Its Acquisitions – WSJ

“Cette attaque a déjà coûté la coquette somme de 18 millions de dollars à Baltimore. Comme le note Le Parisien, dix millions de dollars ont été investis pour réparer le système informatique, dont un million pour le rachat de nouveaux ordinateurs, alors que huit millions de dollars sont liés aux pertes de revenus de la ville. Ironie du sort, le virus a en partie été créé par la National Security Agency (NSA), avant que l’agence ne le se fasse voler en 2017.”

Source : Baltimore, Johannesburg, Lake City : les ransomwares coûtent très cher aux mairies – Cyberguerre

“In a big shift, Facebook plans to signal its control of Instagram and WhatsApp by adding its name to both apps”

Source : Facebook to Add Its Name to Instagram, WhatsApp — The Information

“How might we reimagine a more compelling and relatable visual language for cybersecurity?”

Source : Cybersecurity Visuals Challenge – OpenIDEO

“Amazon.com Inc has a promotion for U.S. shoppers on Prime Day, the 48-hour marketing blitz that started Monday: Earn $10 of credit if you let Amazon track the websites you visit.”

Source : Amazon offers $10 to Prime Day shoppers who hand over their data – Reuters

“It is the world’s first cassette player with Bluetooth 5.0 capability that not only supports traditional 3.5mm headphones but is also compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 headphones or speakers. Whether you are alone or in an open space, you can freely enjoy the penetrating voice and warm sound from the cassette tape.”

Source : IT’S OK

An illustration of a magnified heart on a small person

“A new device, developed for the Pentagon after US Special Forces requested it, can identify people without seeing their face: instead it detects their unique cardiac signature with an infrared laser. While it works at 200 meters (219 yards), longer distances could be possible with a better laser. “I don’t want to say you could do it from space,” says Steward Remaly, of the Pentagon’s Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office, “but longer ranges should be possible.””

Source : The Pentagon has a laser that can identify people from a distance—by their heartbeat – MIT Technology Review

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