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If you walked in here with a video camera we’d ask you to stop. If you’re speaking too loudly on a cellphone we’d ask you to leave. That should be obvious. With Glass, there should be etiquette around its use, and we feel that in a setting like a café or bar they should just be taken off and not used.

Déterminé à être apaisant, M. Ren est au fond un conquérant aux ambitions dévorantes. Dans un marché déprimé, il entend doubler le chiffre d’affaires de son entreprise pour le porter à 60 milliards de dollars en 2017, soit quatre fois plus qu’Alcatel Lucent. Et constituer une entreprise qui rassemblerait sous un même toit les compétences d’Ericsson, de Cisco, de Nokia et pourquoi pas d’IBM, son modèle.

« Finally, over the coming weeks we’ll be introducing a new ad experience we think is attractive for users of the new Google Maps embed. This new on-map design will allow relevant local businesses to connect with your users, similar to the ads you currently see in the new Google Maps and Google Maps for Mobile. As part of this release, we’ve also updated the Google Maps/Earth APIs Terms of Service to enable us to launch new APIs with advertising. Existing APIs and new APIs launched without advertising retain the requirement for Google to provide 90 days notice prior to including ads ». (via Google Geo Developers Blog: Jazz up your site or blog with the new Google Maps embed)

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