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“In a nutshell, to actually get Chia coins, you need a Proof of Space. The more storage you own, the higher your odds of getting a Proof of Space, the more Chia coins you can make. While Chia was originally meant to take advantage of unused storage space in your laptop, things are now getting out of hand. Farmers are acquiring all the storage available in the market to improve their chances of getting coins, and thus actual money.”

Source : Scaleway and Chia

Le 21 juillet 2020, l’entrée du Conseil constitutionnel, à Paris.

“Surtout, le Conseil constitutionnel a jugé « contraires à la Constitution » le très controversé article 24, devenu l’article 52, qui vise à protéger les forces de l’ordre en opération en pénalisant la diffusion malveillante de leur image. Largement soutenu par les syndicats de police, cet article punit la « provocation à l’identification » des forces de l’ordre, un nouveau chef d’accusation qui avait fait réagir les défenseurs des libertés publiques, parmi lesquels les organisations de journalistes.”

Source : Loi « sécurité globale » : le Conseil constitutionnel censure l’article 24

Using AI to help find answers to common skin conditions

“To make sure we’re building for everyone, our model accounts for factors like age, sex, race and skin types — from pale skin that does not tan to brown skin that rarely burns. We developed and fine-tuned our model with de-identified data encompassing around 65,000 images and case data of diagnosed skin conditions, millions of curated skin concern images and thousands of examples of healthy skin — all across different demographics.  Recently, the AI model that powers our tool successfully passed clinical validation, and the tool has been CE marked as a Class I medical device in the EU.”

Source : Using AI to help find answers to common skin conditions

“Dans un tweet publié le 20 décembre, l’équipe derrière PUBG Mobile annonçait avoir banni très exactement 2 127 454 comptes en une semaine. Du 7 au 13 mai derniers ? 1 481 239 bannissements de plus, peut-on lire dans un tweet partagé le 16 mai. On parle ici d’un jeu disponible sur iOS et Android, qui comptait déjà plus de 400 millions d’utilisateurs en juin 2019 (selon PCGamesN). À l’instar de PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty : Warzone souffre de sa popularité : plus il y a de joueurs, plus les risques de voir des tricheurs est grand.”

Source : 500 000 joueurs bannis du Battle Royale Call of Duty ? Ce n’est pas si impressionnant

Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement

“We present an approach to enhancing the realism of synthetic images. The images are enhanced by a convolutional network that leverages intermediate representations produced by conventional rendering pipelines. The network is trained via a novel adversarial objective, which provides strong supervision at multiple perceptual levels. We analyze scene layout distributions in commonly used datasets and find that they differ in important ways. We hypothesize that this is one of the causes of strong artifacts that can be observed in the results of many prior methods. To address this we propose a new strategy for sampling image patches during training. We also introduce multiple architectural improvements in the deep network modules used for photorealism enhancement. We confirm the benefits of our contributions in controlled experiments and report substantial gains in stability and realism in comparison to recent image-to-image translation methods and a variety of other baselines.”

Stephan R. Richter, Hassan Abu AlHaija, and Vladlen Koltun
PaperCode and data,​ Project page

A Colonial Pipeline facility in Baltimore. Its pipelines feed large storage tanks up and down the East Coast.

« We are apolitical, we do not participate in geopolitics, do not need to tie us with a defined government and look for our motives, » it said in a statement posted on its website. « Our goal is to make money and not creating problems for society. »
The group seemed somewhat surprised that its actions resulted in closing a major pipeline and suggested that perhaps it would avoid such targets in the future.

Source : FBI Confirms DarkSide as Colonial Pipeline Hacker – The New York Times

96% of US users opt out of app tracking in iOS 14.5, analytics find | Ars Technica

The Facebook iPhone app asks for permission to track the user in this early mock-up of the prompt made by Apple.

“It seems that in the United States, at least, app developers and advertisers who rely on targeted mobile advertising for revenue are seeing their worst fears realized: Analytics data published this week suggests that US users choose to opt out of tracking 96 percent of the time in the wake of iOS 14.5.”

Source : 96% of US users opt out of app tracking in iOS 14.5, analytics find | Ars Technica

“Et dans ce domaine, les 15 membres qui ont composé cet organe temporaire jugent qu’il faudra en passer par une meilleure formation des forces de l’ordre vis-à-vis du droit applicable. En effet, le rapport considère qu’il y a un important travail de pédagogie à faire à l’égard des policiers et des gendarmes pour leur rappeler qu’ils n’ont pas le droit d’interdire au public, et encore moins aux journalistes, de les filmer.”

Source : Un rapport conseille de rappeler aux policiers qu’ils n’ont pas le droit d’interdire qu’on les filme

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