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Incapables de rêver les industries du futur, les establishments européens et nationaux ne financent désormais que des projets “crédibles”, censés servir l’industrie existante au détriment des rêves et des talents, seules sources de l’innovation nécessaire pour le développement de la société.

« To prominent blogger Li Chengpeng, deceit is everywhere in modern China. In the aftermath of the shocking collapse of a 10-month-old bridge in the northeastern city of Harbin, Li took to his account on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter (@李承鹏) to comment on the bridge’s unfortunate role as a metaphor for today’s China. Since its posting earlier today, Li’s essay has been retweeted over 44,000 times and garnered over 8,000 comments ». (via Translation: To Know What’s Wrong With China, Look At Her Construction | Tea Leaf Nation)

« Cosplay—the art of dressing up and performing as a character—is a harmless hobby enjoyed by thousands around the world. So when dozens of cosplayers awoke Tuesday to find their cosplay-oriented Facebook profile pages purged, they were in shock ». (via Daily Dot | Facebook purges cosplay accounts)

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