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As society turns to Wikipedia for answers, students, educators, and citizens should understand its limitations when researching scientific topics that are politically charged. On entries subject to edit-wars, like acid rain, evolution, and global change, one can obtain – within seconds – diametrically different information on the same topic.

Source : On Wikipedia, politically controversial science topics are vulnerable to information sabotage | Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

He is a luminary in the world of cyberlaw, a star Harvard professor with a résumé a hundred pages thick, and a sensation on the thought leader circuit. But even though he has raised more than $1 million for his presidential bid, Lawrence Lessig, who is mounting a quixotic campaign for the Democratic nomination, is struggling to get noticed.He was excluded from his party’s first debate on the grounds of weak poll numbers, while many surveys have not bothered to ask voters about him.

Source : Lawrence Lessig’s Presidential Bid Endures in Relative Obscurity – The New York Times

A new paper published in PLoS ONE outlines some of the major problems with the corpus of scanned books that powers Google Ngram. “It’s so beguiling, so powerful,” says Peter Sheridan Dodds, an applied mathematician at the University of Vermont who co-authored the paper. “But I think there’s a misrepresentation of what people should expect from this corpus right now.” Here are some of the problems.

Source : The Pitfalls of Using Google Ngram to Study Language | WIRED

La situation outre-Atlantique offre un contraste saisissant avec l’Union européenne, où mis à part l’Angleterre qui a introduit en 2014 une exception en faveur du Text Mining à des fins de recherche, le reste de la zone se débat encore avec la difficulté à réformer le cadre du droit d’auteur. C’est particulièrement vrai pour la France, où la conception « propriétariste » étroite du droit d’auteur qui constitue l’idéologie dominante bloque pour l’instant toute possibilité d’évolution dans le sens des usages.

Source : Comment l’affaire Google Books se termine en victoire pour le Text Mining | :: S.I.Lex ::

Facebook photos of Hollie Gazzard with her killer ‘causing distress’ – BBC News

We memorialise accounts to provide a place of remembrance and maintain the profile as it was when the person passed away. »We understand in tragic cases such as this it may mean there are sometimes painful reminders but memorialised accounts are designed to preserve the privacy of the deceased.

Source : Facebook photos of Hollie Gazzard with her killer ‘causing distress’ – BBC News


Bienvenue au Meltdown ! Un bar eSport et gaming où vous pouvez prendre un verre en regardant un stream, ou encore jouer gratuitement sur nos ordinateurs !

Source : Meltdown Paris

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