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“VR is already a great place to hang out with friends, play games, and watch movies. It’s also a fantastic way to learn new skills and explore our world. Human curiosity and connection are central to each of these experiences, and they’re also at the heart of Horizon. Starting with a bustling town square where people will meet and mingle, the Horizon experience then expands to an interconnected world where people can explore new places, play games, build communities, and even create their own new experiences.”

Source : Introducing ‘Facebook Horizon,’ a New Social VR World, Coming to Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform in 2020 | Oculus

“A la lecture du jugement rendu mardi 24 septembre par la Cour de justice de l’Union européenne (CJUE), les avocats de Google ont dû pousser un grand soupir de soulagement. La CJUE vient en effet de donner raison au moteur de recherche et estimé que le droit au déréférencement, abusivement surnommé « droit à l’oubli », ne s’appliquait qu’à l’intérieur des frontières de l’Union européenne. Dans une seconde affaire, les juges ont aussi précisé les règles que devaient appliquer les moteurs de recherche lorsqu’ils étaient confrontés à une demande de déréférencement de données dites « sensibles ».”

Source : Le « droit à l’oubli » ne s’applique pas au monde entier, tranche la justice européenne


“Nous partageons, au sein de Dataveyes, la conviction que l’ère des données riches et des objets connectés bouleverse les usages. Par nos réflexions et nos travaux, nous prenons part à cette révolution des interactions humains-données.”

Source : Dataveyes | Interactions humains-données

“Today, we’re announcing more details on the structure of the Oversight Board and its relationship to Facebook in the form of a charter. This central governing document defines the board’s mandate and describes its relationship to Facebook. It establishes its membership, governance and decision-making authority, and it sets out parameters for things like the size, scope and power of the board. In the coming months this charter will be available in multiple languages on a new board website.”

Source : Establishing Structure and Governance for an Independent Oversight Board | Facebook Newsroom

“A paper by Google’s researchers seen by the FT, that was briefly posted earlier this week on a Nasa website before being removed, claimed that their processor was able to perform a calculation in three minutes and 20 seconds that would take today’s most advanced classical computer, known as Summit, approximately 10,000 years. The researchers said this meant the “quantum supremacy”, when quantum computers carry out calculations that had previously been impossible, had been achieved.”

Source : Google claims to have reached quantum supremacy | Financial Times

“Reste à savoir où YouTube placera le curseur entre ce qui relèverait de l’authenticité et ce qui serait une théorie complotiste trop néfaste. Le dirigeant de YouTube UK explique ainsi que s’il tolère des vidéos de désinformation sur le 11 septembre, il a un avis tout autre à propos d’un autre attentat plus récent, celui de l’école primaire de Sandy Hook commis en 2012. Des conspirationnistes disent qu’il aurait été monté de toutes pièces, ce qui dépasse selon lui la limite acceptable. Elles sont « douloureuses et offensantes pour certaines familles impliquées », a-t-il précisé. Est-ce que parce que l’on touche à des enfants, ou parce que l’événement tragique est plus récent ? La plateforme garde pour l’instant ses critères d’appréciation pour elle.”

Source : Pourquoi YouTube tolère les vidéos conspirationnistes sur le 11 septembre – Société – Numerama

Geographical distribution of the main global platforms in the world, 2018

“These are early days in the digital era and there are still more questions than answers about how to deal with the digital challenge. Given the absence of relevant statistics and empirical evidence, as well as the rapid pace of technological change, decision-makers face a moving target when trying to adopt sound policies relating to the digital economy. The Report provides valuable insights and analyses to support policymakers at the national and international levels to ensure that no one is left behind by the fast-evolving digital economy.”

Source : | Digital Economy Report 2019

“ We’ve observed agents discovering progressively more complex tool use while playing a simple game of hide-and-seek. Through training in our new simulated hide-and-seek environment, agents build a series of six distinct strategies and counterstrategies, some of which we did not know our environment supported. The self-supervised emergent complexity in this simple environment further suggests that multi-agent co-adaptation may one day produce extremely complex and intelligent behavior.”

Source : Emergent Tool Use from Multi-Agent Interaction

“People can change. Institutions can change. But doing so requires all who harmed — and all who benefited from harm — to come forward, admit their mistakes, and actively take steps to change the power dynamics. It requires everyone to hold each other accountable, but also to aim for reconciliation not simply retribution. So as we leave here tonight, let’s stop designing the technologies envisioned in dystopian novels. We need to heed the warnings of artists, not race head-on into their nightmares. Let’s focus on hearing the voices and experiences of those who have been harmed because of the technologies that made this industry so powerful. And let’s collaborate with and design alongside those communities to fix these wrongs, to build just and empowering technologies rather than those that reify the status quo.”

Source : Facing the Great Reckoning Head-On – danah boyd – Medium

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