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‘The American companies’ moves are likely to escalate tensions between Washington and Beijing, elevating fears that President Donald Trump’s goal is to contain China, triggering a protracted cold war between the world’s biggest economies. In addition to a trade fight that has rattled global markets for months, the U.S. has pressured both allies and foes to avoid using Huawei for 5G networks that will form the backbone of the modern economy.“The extreme scenario of Huawei’s telecom network unit failing would set China back many years and might even be viewed as an act of war by China,” Koontz wrote. “Such a failure would have massive global telecom market implications.”’

Source : Trump Huawei Ban Ripples Across Industry as Supplies Halted – Bloomberg

“Called Screenwise Meter, the iOS and Android app gave users who opted into Google’s Opinion Rewards program gift cards in exchange for tracking their internet usage data. The iOS version of the app relied on Apple’s enterprise program, which allows for the distribution of apps with special privileges to be used only by a company’s employees. The app has now been disabled on iOS, though it’s still available on Google’s Play Store. ”

Source : Google disables app that monitored iPhone usage in violation of Apple’s rules – The Verge

“An idle Android device communicates with Google nearly 10 times more frequently as an Apple device communicates with Apple servers. These results highlighted the fact that Android and Chrome platforms are critical vehicles for Google’s data collection.  Again, these experiments were done on stationary phones with no user interactions. If you actually use your phone the information collection increases with Google”.
“In fact, location information constituted 35 percent of all the data samples sent to Google”.

Source : Google Data Collection research – Digital Content Next

«Having an alternative smartphone OS may have taken on added urgency for China with rising trade tensions with the US. Huawei has been developing and perfecting its own system, according to people familiar with the matter».

Source : Huawei has been building its substitute to Android for a rainy day. Is that day looming? | South China Morning Post


«Εxodus is a privacy auditing platform for Android applications. It detects behaviors which can be dangerous for user privacy like ads, tracking, analytics, …»

Source : Exodus Privacy

«Un internaute a voulu récupérer la totalité de ses données personnelles stockées sur Facebook. En analysant l’archive, il a noté que les métadonnées d’appel et de SMS avaient été récupérées par le réseau social».

Source : Historique appel et SMS aspiré par Facebook : un problème de permission sur Android ? – Tech – Numerama

Laisser Android voir vos proches plutôt que laisser vos proches voir votre Android. La vie privée (caméra active en permanence) ou la batterie ne semblent pas être des problèmes…

«Google researchers Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff are gearing up to present a novel little project that takes advantage of your phone’s front camera and AI to spot people around you who are peeping at your screen, and shame them with a sticker».

Source : Google’s new tech can spot and shame people peeping at your phone

Android Cell ID

«Many people realize that smartphones track their locations. But what if you actively turn off location services, haven’t used any apps, and haven’t even inserted a carrier SIM card? Even if you take all of those precautions, phones running Android software gather data about your location and send it back to Google when they’re connected to the internet»

Source : Google collects Android users’ locations even when location services are disabled — Quartz

«Researchers recently found at least 50 apps in the official Google Play market that made charges for fee-based services without the knowledge or permission of users. The apps were downloaded as many as 4.2 million times»

Source : Malicious apps with >1 million downloads slip past Google defenses twice | Ars Technica

« Ce n’est pas en évoquant le mot écosystème qu’on crée un écosystème. Ici, nous avons plutôt l’impression de voir une flotte d’engins divers, sans unité, qui peinent à former une unité cohérente. Tout au plus sont-ils rassemblés sous la même manière ».

Source : Sécurité sur Android : les mises à jour critiques sont toujours massivement ignorées

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