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“Data provided to Earther by an SEO professional who asked to remain anonymous shows that Bloomberg is targeting more than 840 search terms that specifically reference climate with hundreds more that reference climate-adjacent terms. The results shows Bloomberg is open to welcoming deniers into the fold with ads purchased around terms like “is climate change a hoax” and“is climate change a hoax,” preppers (“best places to survive climate change”), and those concerned with related issues (“poverty and climate change”). At least some ads also target picking off voters interested in other candidates (“Elizabeth Warren climate plan”).”

Source : Michael Bloomberg Buys Most ‘Climate Change’ Ads on Google

“There is the next frontier in political advertising: your personal location data, collected from apps you’ve downloaded that then take this sensitive information and sell it to third parties — including political campaigns. Love it or hate it, digital strategists see this location data as part of the future of political campaigns, as candidates and advocacy groups harness your personal whereabouts and leverage it to try to win your support. One campaign might know if you’ve passed by one of their lawn signs recently. Another might track whether you’ve been in a specific Catholic church in Dubuque, Iowa. Forces behind Trump, who three years ago said he considered data to be “overrated” in politics, are exploring this next iteration of digital campaign tools. And with the incumbent president’s vastly superior resources and innate appetite for digital experimentation, many leading Democrats are concerned that it is the GOP — not the digitally pioneering party of Barack Obama — that is mastering Silicon Valley’s tricks ahead of what’s expected to be the most expensive US presidential election ever.”

Source : How Trump allies are using your phone’s location to try and win your vote – Vox

“A Facebook spokesman said: “We don’t believe that it’s an appropriate role for us to referee political debates. Nor do we think it would be appropriate to prevent a politician’s speech from reaching its audience and being subject to public debate and scrutiny.”
Facebook’s decision comes as the rival service TikTok takes the opposite stance. In a blogpost, the social network, whose reported 500 million users would make it the largest in the world not owned by Facebook, made clear it would not be hosting any political adverts.”

Source : Facebook exempts political ads from ban on making false claims | Technology | The Guardian

Black Like

“Earlier this week, The Intercept was able to select “white genocide conspiracy theory” as a pre-defined “detailed targeting” criterion on the social network to promote two articles to an interest group that Facebook pegged at 168,000 users large and defined as “people who have expressed an interest or like pages related to White genocide conspiracy theory.” The paid promotion was approved by Facebook’s advertising wing. After we contacted the company for comment, Facebook promptly deleted the targeting category, apologized, and said it should have never existed in the first place.”

Source : Facebook Allowed Advertisers to Target Users Interested in “White Genocide” — Even in Wake of Pittsburgh Massacre

Tim Cook - RGPD

“Modern technology has led to the creation of a “data-industrial complex” in which private and everyday information is “weaponized against us with military efficiency. Platforms and algorithms that promised to improve our lives can actually magnify our worst human tendencies. Rogue actors and even governments have taken advantage of user trust to deepen divisions, incite violence, and even undermine our shared sense of what is true and what is false. This crisis is real. It is not imagined, or exaggerated, or crazy.” – Tim Cook

Source : Tim Cook data privacy speech: Apple CEO calls for comprehensive data laws in America – The Verge

Vera Jourova

“La résolution préconise l’interdiction des publicités politiques ciblées : ce qui est le cas en France, mais pas dans d’autres pays de l’Union, et notamment au Royaume-Uni. Or ces publicités ciblées sont utilisées, encore aujourd’hui, et notamment par la frange la plus extrémistes des pro-Brexit. Une commission parlementaire britannique a révélé cette semaine que ces dix derniers mois, une mystérieuse organisation a dépensé des centaines de milliers d’euros pour afficher des publicités Facebook demandant un Brexit « dur » auprès de 10 à 11 millions d’électeurs britanniques. […]
« M. Zuckerberg nous a promis des changements, une sécurité renforcée pour les données personnelles, mais il y a à peine un mois, nous avons appris l’existence d’une nouvelle faille de sécurité », a déclaré le député suédois Jasenko Selimovic (Libéraux). « Combien de nouvelles excuses allons-nous devoir entendre de la part de M. Zuckerberg ? »

Source : Au Parlement européen, l’ombre du Brexit plane sur le débat consacré à Cambridge Analytica

“Exit donc Cambridge Analytica ? Pas vraiment ! En réalité, les équipes chargées de ces opérations ne se sont pas dispersées ; leurs algorithmes et leurs bases de données n’ont pas disparu. En fait, les stratèges électoraux du président Trump ont effectué une restructuration juridique et financière de leurs sociétés, sans se soucier de la tempête médiatique, qui s’est déjà essoufflée. Leur objectif à court terme est de mettre leurs talents au service des républicains lors les élections de mi-mandat, qui se dérouleront le 6 novembre. Par ailleurs, ils ont déjà lancé la campagne en vue de la réélection de Donald Trump en 2020”.

Source : Cambridge Analytica est morte, vive Data Propria !

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