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« White-Collar Offender Tends to have a low self-esteem, a high IQ and charisma. Anxious, tensed and frustrated, competitive, ambitious and dominant. Usually loves to take risks and have a dry sense of humor » – Description of White-Collar Offender…

Source : FACEPTION | Our Technology

« Pour obtenir soixante à soixante-dix centimètres de papier-toilette, le visiteur, pressé ou pas, doit passer son visage devant un scanner. Et le distributeur ne donnera pas plus de papier à cette personne avant neuf minutes. « Nous avons réfléchi à plusieurs options : empreintes digitales, scanner infrarouge ou reconnaissance faciale. Nous avons choisi la dernière option pour des raisons hygiéniques », explique au New York Times, Lei Zhenshan, un cadre de la compagnie qui a fabriqué la machine ».

Source : La reconnaissance faciale contre l’utilisation abusive de papier-toilette dans les WC publics

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have shown that specially designed spectacle frames can fool even state-of-the-art facial recognition software. Not only can the glasses make the wearer essentially disappear to such automated systems, it can even trick them into thinking you’re someone else. By tweaking the patterns printed on the glasses, scientists were able to assume one another’s identities or make the software think they were looking at celebrities.

Source : These glasses trick facial recognition software into thinking you’re someone else – The Verge

Science professor Wei Xiaoyong developed the new “face reader” to identify emotions which suggest if students are bored or stimulated.His technique produces a “curve” for each student showing how much they are either “happy” or “neutral”, and that data can indicate whether they are bored, he said.“When we correlate that kind of information to the way we teach, and we use a timeline, then you will know where you are actually attracting the students’ attention,” Professor Wei told The Telegraph.

Source : Chinese lecturer to use facial-recognition technology to check boredom levels among his students

This is faceshift GDC 2015 reel, featuring our performance recording session at OMUK, our latest range of motion demos, and generally a bunch of people having loads of fun with real time mocap.

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