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“This isn’t to let social networks off the hook. Nor is it an effort to make the problem feel so complicated that everyone just throws their hands up and walks away from it. But I’m shocked at how appealing so many people find the idea that social networks are uniquely responsible for all of society’s ills. (The Social Dilemma has been among the 10 most watched programs on Netflix all week.) This cartoon super villain view of the world strikes me as a kind of mirror image of the right-wing conspiracy theories which hold that a cabal of elites are manipulating every world event in secret. It is more than a little ironic that a film that warns incessantly about platforms using misinformation to stoke fear and outrage seems to exist only to stoke fear and outrage — while promoting a distorted view of how those platforms work along the way.”

Source : What ‘The Social Dilemma’ misunderstands about social networks – The Verge

“Un surnom a été donné au fait de se penser imparfait ou imparfaite à cause de filtres. C’est la « dysmorphie Snapchat ». On accuse les filtres de renforcer la pression notamment sur les femmes. Des chirurgiens racontent que de plus en plus d’utilisatrices de réseaux sociaux demandent à se faire opérer pour ressembler à la version « filtrée ». On ignore encore si des filtres vus comme « embellissants » comme celui (très populaire) de l’influenceuse Kylie Jenner seront concernés.”

Source : Instagram a banni les filtres effet « chirurgie esthétique » – Société – Numerama

“AI Now co-founders Kate Crawford and Meredith Whittaker opened the Symposium with a short talk summarizing some key moments of opposition over the year, focusing on five themes: (1) facial and affect recognition; (2) the movement from “AI bias” to justice; (3) cities, surveillance, borders; (4) labor, worker organizing, and AI, and; (5) AI’s climate impact. Below is an excerpt from their talk.”

Source : AI in 2019: A Year in Review – AI Now Institute – Medium

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