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« The information published this weekend is another revelation courtesy of leaker Edward Snowden. The 50,000-figure comes from a 2012 presentation slide explaining how the NSA acquired information worldwide. It described an initiative called « Computer Network Exploitation » (CNE), which NRC reports as « the secret infiltration of computer systems achieved by installing malware. » » (via Report: NSA-planted malware spans five continents, 50,000 computer networks | Ars Technica)

(Public Radio Map)

Estimate 40,000 — 60,000 USD – LOT SOLD. 977,000 USD (Lot | Sotheby’s)

The government funded the early technologies that led to the Internet, venture capitalists are financed by nontechies’ retirement funds, and laws passed in Washington can determine the tech industry’s legal future. Companies launched in the Valley depend on the quick, widespread acceptance of their products by everyone who lives outside their shiny bubble.

« Showing you where your taxes get spent » (Where Does My Money Go?)

« top 10 non-numeric passwords are probably typical for a dating site, but still horrible nonetheless ». (Cupid Media Hack Exposed 42M Passwords — Krebs on Security)

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