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How Apple’s iCloud Private Relay Can Keep You Safe

“iCloud Private Relay deploys what Apple calls « dual-hop » architecture—there are two stops or relays between your device and the internet. One stop is run by Apple, where the IP address is visible but the name of the website you’re visiting is encrypted; the second stop is run by Apple’s « third-party partners » and knows the website you’re visiting but not what your IP address is (it has the responsibility of assigning a new IP address for you). Trending Now Cybersecurity Expert Answers Hacking Questions From Twitter Most Popular gear Wish List 2022: 42 Incredible Gifts to Give and Get Gear Team Multi-colored network of pipes with see-through sections that reveal small pale blue spheres traveling through the pipes security The Hunt for the FTX Thieves Has Begun Andy Greenberg gear 14 Gift Ideas to Tempt the Home Chef Scott Gilbertson High angle view of numbers made from wood cut-outs on purple background. security Twitter’s SMS Two-Factor Authentication”

Source : How Apple’s iCloud Private Relay Can Keep You Safe | WIRED

How to leave Google apps behind

A broken Google G and a broken ball-and-chain next to it, representing liberation from Google

“There are many reasons you might want to move away from Google, especially in light of some of the recent policy changes regarding Workspaces. Depending on your exact reasons for leaving, there are more or less attractive alternatives to some of Google’s most popular apps. In particular, those can be divided into online web services that, similar to Google, give you access to services via an online account, and self-hosted options like NextCloud and/or apps that can be installed on your own infrastructure, or using instances of your own infrastructure on cloud hosting or web hosting services. These options are attractive for the fact that they allow you to control your own data and maintain the protection of your data. Migrating to these services can be quite easy, whether for email, file sharing, or other services. With these services, it all starts with your domain name.”

Source : How to leave Google apps behind

Is Firefox OK?

“Mozilla is pushing companies to be more private, and its key product is different at its core. The browser market is dominated by Google’s Chromium codebase and its underlying browser engine, Blink, the component that turns code into visual web pages. Microsoft’s Edge Browser, Brave, Vivaldi, and Opera all use adapted versions of Chromium. Apple makes developers use its WebKit browser engine on iOS. Other than that, Firefox’s Gecko browser engine is the only alternative in existence.“This market needs variety,” Willemsen says. If Firefox diminishes further, there’ll be less competition for Chrome. “We need that difference for open internet standards, for the sake of preventing monopolies,” Willemsen says. Others agree. Everyone we spoke with for this story—inside and outside of Mozilla—says having Firefox flourish makes the web a better place. The trick is figuring out how to get there.”

Source : Is Firefox OK? | WIRED

Les États-Unis saisissent 3,36 milliards de dollars en bitcoin provenant de Silk Road

“Le principal accusé de l’histoire, James Zhong, aurait commis une « fraude électronique » il y a 10 ans, a expliqué le procureur en charge de l’affaire dans le communiqué de presse. Il aurait à ce moment-là volé les bitcoins à Silk Road «grâce à une technique élaborée», et aurait, une fois son larcin accompli, «essayé de cacher sa trace à travers une série de transactions complexes, en espérant qu’il serait caché par le dark net». Pendant 10 ans, James Zhong a réussi à échapper à la justice et à cacher l’emplacement de ses bitcoins, mais «grâce aux techniques de pointe en traçage de crypto-monnaie […], les forces de l’ordre ont pu remonter sa trace et retrouver la somme volée». Dix ans après les faits et des années après la fermeture de Silk Road, l’affaire souligne le fait que la justice américaine «n’arrêtera jamais de chercher l’argent», selon le procureur.”

Source : Les États-Unis saisissent 3,36 milliards de dollars en bitcoin provenant de Silk Road – Numerama

Emergency SOS via satellite made possible by $450M Apple investment

“A $450 million investment from Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund provides the critical infrastructure that supports Emergency SOS via satellite for iPhone 14 models. Available to customers in the US and Canada beginning later this month, the new service will allow iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models to connect directly to a satellite, enabling messaging with emergency services when outside of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. A majority of the funding goes to Globalstar, a global satellite service headquartered in Covington, Louisiana, with facilities across the US. Apple’s investment provides critical enhancements to Globalstar’s satellite network and ground stations, ensuring iPhone 14 users are able to connect to emergency services when off the grid. At Globalstar, more than 300 employees support the new service.”

Source : Emergency SOS via satellite made possible by $450M Apple investment – Apple

Une cyberattaque paralyse l’équivalent de la SNCF au Danemark

“Au Danemark, DSB, la principale société d’exploitation ferroviaire – équivalent de la SNCF – a été victime d’une impressionnante cyberattaque le 29 octobre 2022, paralysant tout le réseau de chemin de fer du pays pendant plusieurs heures. Les pirates ont piégé Supeo, un logiciel sous-traitant utilisés par les employés de l’entreprise, expliquent les médias nationaux. Les conducteurs de train s’en servent pour accéder aux informations opérationnelles en direct, telles que des informations sur des travaux et les limitations de vitesse.Il suffit de bloquer cet outil pour que tout l’engrenage s’arrête. L’opération n’a rien de très innovant non plus, puisque la société en charge du logiciel a subi un ransomware, l’obligeant à fermer tous les serveurs par mesure de sécurité. L’application est subitement tombée en panne pour tous les conducteurs, les obligeants à arrêter les trains par mesure de sécurité. ”

Source : Une cyberattaque paralyse l’équivalent de la SNCF au Danemark – Numerama

Facebook Has a Hidden Tool to Delete Your Phone Number, Email

Meta's contact-deletion tool

“The company explains that even though you may not have signed up to use any core Meta service — such as the Facebook app, Messenger, or Instagram — it may still have your contact information.For many years, the firm asked users signing up for any of its apps to share their phone contacts, with the stated goal of helping them find friends. A side effect is that Meta, whose combined apps boast almost 3 billion daily users, has amassed an unknown but likely vast amount of personal contact information for people who have never signed up for an account, nor opted to share their information.The tool, in theory, allows a non-user to mitigate some of this damage. And although the tool is targeted at people who have never signed up for Meta’s apps, it’s likely also useful to anyone who is a user but never wanted to share this information.”

Source : Facebook Has a Hidden Tool to Delete Your Phone Number, Email

General Mills, Audi and Pfizer Join Growing List of Companies Pausing Twitter Ads

“Food company General Mills, Oreo maker, Pfizer and Volkswagen are among a growing list of brands that have temporarily paused their Twitter advertising in the wake of the takeover of the company by Elon Musk, according to people familiar with the matter. Some advertisers are concerned that Mr. Musk could scale back content moderation, which they worry would lead to an increase in objectionable content on the platform. Others are temporarily halting their ads because of the uncertainty at the company as top executives exit and Mr. Musk considers a raft of changes, some of the people said.”

Source : General Mills, Audi and Pfizer Join Growing List of Companies Pausing Twitter Ads – WSJ

Economie de plateforme: Le Canton de Vaud serre la vis à Uber

La conseillère d’État Isabelle Moret au Grand Conseil vaudois, mardi 1er novembre 2022. ARC Jean-Bernard Sieber

“Et pour l’avenir? «La difficulté consiste à déterminer à quoi Uber correspond désormais sur le plan juridique, dit Isabelle Moret. C’est un défi important, car nous ne pouvons déjà plus nous appuyer sur la décision du Tribunal fédéral. De plus, Uber a mis en place une multitude de sociétés. Je souhaite maintenir le dialogue, mais il doit se faire dans le respect des lois en vigueur.»
Arnaud Bouverat, qui est aussi secrétaire régional vaudois du syndicat Unia, reste sur ses gardes: «À ce rythme, le Canton peut se faire balader encore longtemps. Uber a modifié et va modifier constamment son modèle d’affaire pour échapper à ses obligations légales. Pour le transport de personnes, le Canton ne devrait pas laisser exercer une entreprise qui ne respecte pas les lois de manière répétée. Les autorités devraient présumer une activité salariée, sans preuve du contraire.»”

Source : Economie de plateforme: Le Canton de Vaud serre la vis à Uber | 24 heures

Planting Tiny Spy Chips in Hardware Can Cost as Little as $200

“Both Elkins and Hudson argue that hardware-based espionage via supply-chain hijacking is a technical reality, and one that may be easier to accomplish than many of the world’s security administrators realize. « What I want people to recognize is that chipping implants are not imaginary. They’re relatively straightforward, » says Elkins. « If I can do this, someone with hundreds of millions in their budget has been doing this for a while. »”

Source : Planting Tiny Spy Chips in Hardware Can Cost as Little as $200 | WIRED

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