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Yelp fait partie des entreprises jugeant anticoncurrentielles certaines pratiques de Google, qui est pourtant la source de plus de la moitié du trafic sur son site. Dans son dossier boursier, il réitère ses accusations contre le géant d’internet, qui aurait supprimé des liens vers son site au bénéfice de sites Google, et même utilisé “sans autorisation” ses critiques “durant certaines périodes en 2010 et 2011”.

If is too easy for governments to access the information stored online, it is too easy for that access to be abused. If someone wanted to go through all my regular mail, they would have to obtain a search warrant in advance. No such thing happened in the Twitter case. I am, according to the US Justice Department, not under a criminal investigation, yet its officials demanded Twitter surrender my personal messages and IP numbers without my knowledge. It has never been so easy for Big Brother to pry on all our most sacred information without us ever even knowing.

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