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« To deal with this congestion, ISPs had to come up with a way to keep the internet running without slowing everything down So they reconfigured their motorways by introducing ‘priority lanes’ for certain types of internet traffic. Internet traffic can be thought of as being represented by different types of vehicles. Activities like streaming video are the lorries and take up a lot of space, whereas emailing or browsing are smart cars and much smaller ». (via Ofcom | What is internet traffic management?)

With cellphone cameras ubiquitous and many Americans giving in to the urge to document even the most intimate aspects of their lives, revenge porn has opened up new ways to wreak vengeance. The effects can be devastating. Victims say they have lost jobs, been approached in stores by strangers who recognized their photographs, and watched close friendships and family relationships dissolve. Some have changed their names or altered their appearance.

While most mainstream services already allow users to delete their accounts, the new law is the latest development in what’s been a particularly proactive effort by California legislators to deal with online issues. The state already has provisions in place that ensure victims of domestic violence can have information pulled from the web, and last year it passed a law that prevents employers and universities from demanding Facebook login credentials from individuals.

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