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Amazon collects sales tax in only five states — Kansas, Kentucky, New York, North Dakota and Washington — where it has offices or another physical presence. It avoids collecting in several other states where it has warehouses by assigning their ownership to a subsidiary. Until the tax dispute in Texas, Amazon had encountered few problems with that arrangement. Now, though, as Amazon seeks to open warehouses in South Carolina and Tennessee, it is also pressing for specific legislation to exempt it from collecting sales tax, using the jobs created by the facilities as leverage.

Alors même que nous sommes entourés de millions d’inventions, aucune théorie ne nous permet de les comprendre. Nous avons tendance à considérer notre monde technologique comme une suite infinie de nouveautés, sans y voir aucun ordre. Mon but, dit Kelly, est de proposer une théorie relative à la technologie, un cadre qui donne une logique et un contexte à ce défilé d’innovations. Mais, pour commencer, précise Kelly, je dois dire que j’ai une vision assez particulière de ce qu’est la technologie. Beaucoup ont tendance à penser que la technologie, ce sont des trucs qui ont été inventés après notre naissance, ou qui ne fonctionnent pas encore.

Ce à quoi sert des sites sociaux comme Facebook n’est pas d’échanger des informations importantes, mais ils fournissent le moyen de garder le contact avec quelqu’un, montrer que vous portez de l’attention à quelqu’un. Certaines personnes s’en servent pour annoncer des choses importantes, et attendre des réponses de leurs amis, mais la plupart s’en servent juste pour rester en contact.

SOCIAL media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been embraced by Madison Avenue as effective new ways to reach consumers. But what happens when behavior on social media is deemed antisocial?


Gilbert Gottfried was fired by Aflac after certain comments about the crisis in Japan on his own Twitter account.

Aflac and Chrysler, Turning to Social Media, Hit Trouble –

For most entrepreneurs, running a Web site that is rife with pornography and frequently criticized as a menace to society would not be considered a résumé booster. Many venture capitalists would head in the opposite direction. But Christopher Poole, the 23-year-old founder of 4chan, one of the largest forums on the Internet and widely considered to be one of the darkest corners of the Web, has never shied away from his first creation.

Charles Slomovitz is a “music sourcer” for Shazam, a company whose popular application identifies the name of songs being played. (via Shazam’s Search for Songs Creates New Music Jobs –

When Alexandra Wallace recorded her rant about Asian students using cellphones in the library at the University of California, Los Angeles, she was alone, speaking to her computer.

But since she posted the three-minute video to YouTube, Ms. Wallace, a third-year political science student at U.C.L.A., has achieved a sudden, unwelcome celebrity: her video has been viewed by millions of people, and she has become the subject of nationwide condemnation and the catalyst of a debate about racial intolerance and free speech.

« From Over Here is a physical representation of articles from the New York Times from 1992-2010. Each card represents a month of articles about, or related to Ireland. The people and topics of the articles from that month are etched on each card. »

From Over Here (by paulmmay)

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