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Twitter says Musk’s spam analysis used tool that called his own account a bot | Ars Technica

Illustration of three bots with Elon Musk's face.

“Specifically, Musk used « an Internet application called the ‘Botometer’—which applies different standards than Twitter does and which earlier this year designated Musk himself as highly likely to be a bot, » Twitter said.The Botometer website is a project of the Observatory on Social Media and the Network Science Institute at Indiana University. Citing a May 2022 Protocol article, Twitter’s court filing said that « the Botometer indicated that Elon Musk’s own Twitter account was likely a bot, scoring it 4/5. »”

Source : Twitter says Musk’s spam analysis used tool that called his own account a bot | Ars Technica

“Augmented reality allows us to spend more time focusing on what matters in the real world, in our real lives. It can break down communication barriers — and help us better understand each other by making language visible. Watch what happens when we bring technologies like transcription and translation to your line of sight.”

via Google – YouTube


Image of London's cityscape

“Today at Google I/O, we announced new ways the latest advancements in AI are transforming Google Maps — helping you explore with an all-new immersive view of the world, find the most fuel-efficient route, and use the magic of Live View in your favorite third-party apps.”

Source : Immersive view now in Maps — plus more updates

Présidentielle : un quiz pour choisir son candidat avantage secrètement Éric Zemmour

Présidentielle : un quiz pour choisir son candidat avantage secrètement Éric Zemmour

“Surtout, dans l’immense majorité des cas, après avoir répondu aux 10 questions, le site nous indiquera que « le candidat qui nous correspond » est Éric Zemmour. Ce n’est qu’après plusieurs essais et en inspectant le code source du site que Numerama s’est aperçu qu’il était possible d’avoir d’autres résultats : le test peut, supposément, donner comme réponse Yannick Jadot, Fabien Roussel, Emmanuel Macron et Valérie Pécresse. Les autres candidats ne sont pas inscrits et ne peuvent donc jamais apparaître dans les résultats.”

Source : Présidentielle : un quiz pour choisir son candidat avantage secrètement Éric Zemmour – Numerama

Jack Dorsey: I’m ‘Partially to Blame’ for Centralizing the Internet

“Twitter founder Jack Dorsey said on Saturday he partially blames himself for the state of the internet today. « The days of usenet, irc, the web…even email (w PGP)…were amazing, » Dorsey said in a tweet, referring to certain online communication systems that date back to the early days of the internet. « Centralizing discovery and identity into corporations really damaged the internet. » « I realize I’m partially to blame, and regret it, » Dorsey continued.

Dorsey, who co-founded Twitter in 2006 and served as its CEO before resigning in November, has previously supported decentralizing the internet.”

Source : Jack Dorsey: I’m ‘Partially to Blame’ for Centralizing the Internet

“Google has yanked dozens of apps from its Google Play store after determining that they include a software element that surreptitiously harvests data.The Panamanian company that wrote the code, Measurement Systems S. de R.L., is linked through corporate records and web registrations to a Virginia defense contractor that does cyberintelligence, network-defense and intelligence-intercept work for U.S. national-security agencies.The code ran on millions of Android devices and has been found inside several Muslim prayer apps that have been downloaded more than 10 million times, as well as a highway-speed-trap detection app, a QR-code reading app and a number of other popular consumer apps, according to two researchers who discovered the behavior of the code in the course of auditing work they do searching for vulnerabilities in Android apps. They shared their findings with Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., federal privacy regulators and The Wall Street Journal.”

Source : Google Bans Apps With Hidden Data-Harvesting Software – WSJ

“Apple and Meta provided basic subscriber details, such as a customer’s address, phone number and IP address, in mid-2021 in response to the forged “emergency data requests.” Normally, such requests are only provided with a search warrant or subpoena signed by a judge, according to the people. However, the emergency requests don’t require a court order.[…] Apple and Meta both publish data on their compliance with emergency data requests. From July to December 2020, Apple received 1,162 emergency requests from 29 countries. According to its report, Apple provided data in response to 93% of those requests. Meta said it received 21,700 emergency requests from January to June 2021 globally and provided some data in response to 77% of the requests.”

Source : Apple, Meta Gave User Data to Hackers With Forged Legal Requests (AAPL, FB) – Bloomberg

The latest marketing tactic on LinkedIn: AI-generated faces

LinkedIn Fake

“At first glance, Ramsey’s profile looks like many others on LinkedIn: the bland headshot with a slightly stiff smile; a boilerplate description of RingCentral, the software company where she says she works; and a brief job history. She claims to have an undergraduate business degree from New York University and gives a generic list of interests: CNN, Unilever, Amazon, philanthropist Melinda French Gates. But there were oddities in the photo: the single earring and strange hair, the placement of her eyes, the blurry background. Alone, any of these clues might be explained away, but together, they aroused DiResta’s suspicions […].

That chance message launched DiResta and her colleague Josh Goldstein at the Stanford Internet Observatory on an investigation that uncovered more than 1,000 LinkedIn profiles using what appear to be faces created by artificial intelligence.”

Source : The latest marketing tactic on LinkedIn: AI-generated faces : NPR

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