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«Neural nets are just thoughtless fuzzy pattern recognizers, and as useful as fuzzy pattern recognizers can be—hence the rush to integrate them into just about every kind of software—they represent, at best, a limited brand of intelligence, one that is easily fooled. A deep neural net that recognizes images can be totally stymied when you change a single pixel, or add visual noise that’s imperceptible to a human. Indeed, almost as often as we’re finding new ways to apply deep learning, we’re finding more of its limits. Self-driving cars can fail to navigate conditions they’ve never seen before. Machines have trouble parsing sentences that demand common-sense understanding of how the world works.Deep learning in some ways mimics what goes on in the human brain, but only in a shallow way—which perhaps explains why its intelligence can sometimes seem so shallow».

Source : Is AI Riding a One-Trick Pony? – MIT Technology Review

AI needs regulating because the big tech companies have got too big for their own good. And like every other industry sector before it that has got too big – the banks, the oil companies, the telecom firms – regulation is needed to ensure the public good. To ensure that we all benefit and not just the tech elite.
We’re beginning to see the corrosive effects of Facebook’s algorithms on political debate, of Amazon’s dominance of the retail sector, and of Google’s monopoly on search. And it’s hard to know where to begin with a company like Uber. There’s just so much to criticise.
However, the problems today are not caused by super smart AI, but stupid AI.

Source : Elon Musk is wrong. The AI singularity won’t kill us all | WIRED UK

« Over the past week, our bot was undefeated against many top professionals including SumaiL (top 1v1 player in the world) and Arteezy (top overall player in the world). Dota 1v1 is a complex game with hidden information. Agents must learn to plan, attack, trick, and deceive their opponents. The correlation between player skill and actions-per-minute is not strong, and in fact, our AI’s actions-per-minute are comparable to that of an average human player ».

Elon Musk ne comprend peut-être rien à l’IA, mais Tesla et OpenAI ont « un peu » d’avance sur Google, et beaucoup sur Facebook…

Imaginons un monde où le Go serait comme le morpion !

Source : Open AI – Dota 2

« Sur StarCraft II, contrairement aux échecs et au go déjà vaincus, il y a bel et bien ici un facteur physique lié pour partie à l’exécution des tâches à accomplir en jeu qu’il va falloir prendre en compte. Un choix va donc devoir être fait de manière arbitraire de façon à limiter la machine danses possibilités. Ce choix pourrait peser en profondeur sur les résultats que l’on attend de l’IA » – Pierre-Marie Humeau, aka YoGo

Source : Google DeepMind : les joueurs de StarCraft II se sentent-ils prêts à affronter une IA ? – Sciences – Numerama

« Ford announced plans today to invest $1 billion over the course of five years into a new, previously unheard of artificial intelligence startup called Argo AI. The company, which has operated in secret out of its Pittsburgh headquarters for months, was founded by Bryan Salesky, a multi-year veteran of Google’s self-driving team, and Peter Rander, who led autonomous efforts at Uber up until September 2016. Ford’s goal is to tap into Argo AI’s expertise to help establish the car company as a leader in the autonomous space ».

Source : Ford is giving Google and Uber veterans $1 billion to build a self-driving car brain – The Verge

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