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“Echo woke up due to a word in background conversation sounding like “Alexa.” Then, the subsequent conversation was heard as a “send message” request. At which point, Alexa said out loud “To whom?” At which point, the background conversation was interpreted as a name in the customers contact list. Alexa then asked out loud, “[contact name], right?” Alexa then interpreted background conversation as “right”. As unlikely as this string of events is, we are evaluating options to make this case even less likely”.

Source : Amazon explains how Alexa recorded a private conversation and sent it to another user – The Verge

As a refresher, Echo only captures audio and streams it to the cloud when the device hears the wake word « Alexa. » A ring on the top of the device turns blue to give a visual indication that audio is being recorded. Those clips, or « utterances » as the company calls them, are stored in the cloud until a customer deletes them either individually or all at once. When that’s done, the « utterances » are permanently deleted. What’s more, the microphones on an Echo device can be manually turned off at any time.

Source : Police seek Amazon Echo data in murder case (updated)

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