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You deserve more than $2 for running your phone’s data through Amazon


“Amazon is offering some users a whole $2 a month for only one teeny, tiny thing in return: that they route their traffic through an Amazon server so the company can keep track of which Amazon ads they’ve seen. It’s apparently been doing this for months. I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but you Should! Not! Do! That! ”

Source : You deserve more than $2 for running your phone’s data through Amazon – The Verge

Amazon copied products and rigged search results, documents show


“Thousands of pages of internal Amazon documents examined by Reuters – including emails, strategy papers and business plans – show the company ran a systematic campaign of creating knockoffs and manipulating search results to boost its own product lines in India, one of the company’s largest growth markets. The documents reveal how Amazon’s private-brands team in India secretly exploited internal data from Amazon.in to copy products sold by other companies, and then offered them on its platform. The employees also stoked sales of Amazon private-brand products by rigging Amazon’s search results so that the company’s products would appear, as one 2016 strategy report for India put it, “in the first 2 or three … search results” when customers were shopping on Amazon.in.”

Source : Amazon copied products and rigged search results, documents show


“For more than a year, a group of workers in Bessemer, Alabama have campaigned to unionize their warehouse under the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), hoping to force the retail giant to collectively bargain with its warehouse workers for the first time. On Friday, those hopes came to an abrupt end. In a unit-wide election, workers at the warehouse voted against unionization by a more than 2-1 margin, with 738 votes in favor to 1,798 against. ”

Source : Unionizing Amazon’s Bessemer warehouse was never going to be easy – The Verge

“To drive home this point, the complaint includes 15 examples of such posts, which include graphic calls to violence against tech CEOs, school teachers, and professional athletes. In some cases, the comments also refer to specific dates and targets for violence, encouraging users to form militia groups and “acquire targets.”Amazon says it submitted more than 100 such comments to Parler in the weeks leading up to the suspension.
Content warning: these threats are graphic, violent, and racist; use discretion.”

Source : These are the violent threats that made Amazon drop Parler – The Verge

How Alexa’s new Live Translation for conversations works

“Today, Amazon launched Alexa’s new Live Translation feature, which allows individuals speaking in two different languages to converse with each other, with Alexa acting as an interpreter and translating both sides of the conversation. With this new feature, a customer can ask Alexa to initiate a translation session for a pair of languages. Once the session has commenced, customers can speak phrases or sentences in either language. Alexa will automatically identify which language is being spoken and translate each side of the conversation. ”

Source : How Alexa’s new Live Translation for conversations works


“The milestone has been a long time coming for Amazon, which announced its Prime Air plans way back in 2013. But hardware limitations, not to mention health and safety regulation, presented big challenges for the company. It made its first successful drone delivery in Cambridge, England in 2016, but a regular commercial service never followed. Even now, Bloomberg notes that there are numerous hurdles standing in the way of Amazon and its competitors making routine deliveries. The FAA is expected to finalize new rules about flying drones over crowds before the end of the year.”

Source : Amazon’s Prime Air inches closer to takeoff in the US with FAA approval – The Verge


“Smart speakers from Amazon and Google offer simple access to information through voice commands. The capability of the speakers can be extended by third-party developers through small apps. These smart speaker voice apps are called Skills for Alexa and Actions on Google Home. The apps currently create privacy issues: They can be abused to listen in on users or vish (voice-phish) their passwords. As the functionality of smart speakers grows so too does the attack surface for hackers to exploit them. SRLabs research found two possible hacking scenarios that apply to both Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The flaws allow a hacker to phish for sensitive information and eavesdrop on users. We created voice applications to demonstrate both hacks on both device platforms, turning the assistants into ‘Smart Spies’.”

Source : Smart Spies: Alexa and Google Home expose users to vishing and eavesdropping – Security Research Labs


“Google est impliqué dans 15 câbles sous-marins: la société californienne fait partie de 11 consortiums et est l’unique propriétaire de quatre câbles, selon le site spécialisé dans les télécoms Telegeography.com. Facebook est impliqué dans dix projets, Amazon dans cinq et Microsoft dans quatre câbles. En 2012, les géants de la tech possédaient moins de 10% des capacités de transmission des données sous l’eau. Désormais, cette part est de 54%, selon Telegeography.com, qui s’attend à ce que cette proportion atteigne les 90% d’ici quelques années.”

Source : Google, nouveau maître des océans – Le Temps

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