Étiquette : Canada

«To be sure, Sidewalk Labs (and by extension Alphabet) is not purchasing land along Toronto’s waterfront, nor would it be the landlord to any residents that eventually live there. The company responded to a request for proposals from the city looking for “an innovation partner” in the development plan, and won after a “rigorous procurement process involving a number of local and international firms“»

Source : Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs strikes deal to turn 800 acres of Toronto into an ‘internet city’ – The Verge

«Cette coopération résulte d’une vision sur le long terme. En laissant les universitaires continuer à former la future main-d’œuvre, on s’assure qu’il n’y aura jamais de pénurie en IA» – Jean-François Gagné (Element AI).

Source : Element AI, la start-up qui affole le Canada

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