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AI needs regulating because the big tech companies have got too big for their own good. And like every other industry sector before it that has got too big – the banks, the oil companies, the telecom firms – regulation is needed to ensure the public good. To ensure that we all benefit and not just the tech elite.
We’re beginning to see the corrosive effects of Facebook’s algorithms on political debate, of Amazon’s dominance of the retail sector, and of Google’s monopoly on search. And it’s hard to know where to begin with a company like Uber. There’s just so much to criticise.
However, the problems today are not caused by super smart AI, but stupid AI.

Source : Elon Musk is wrong. The AI singularity won’t kill us all | WIRED UK

Enfants restaurants

«Sur Facebook, la déclaration du patron a été accueillie par plus de 7500 commentaires exaspérés ou, au contraire, admiratifs. «La levée de boucliers était attendue et nous assumons pleinement cette décision, précise-t-il. Au plaisir de vous recevoir ou non.» Devant l’ampleur du buzz et, sans doute, l’illégalité de sa démarche, il s’est finalement rétracté jeudi».

Source : Mon enfant est-il de trop au restaurant? – Le Temps

Taha Yasseri of the Oxford Internet Institute and colleagues looked at Wikipedia’s different language editions from their inception (January 2001 for English) to March 2010 and ranked the most contested articles, based on the number of reverts and the number of edits the contributors have made (dubbed their “maturity score”). The results in some ways confirm cultural stereotypes. Americans bicker over politics and professional wrestling; among the top French squabbles is Freud.

Source : Daily chart: Edit wars | The Economist

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