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Les États-Unis saisissent 3,36 milliards de dollars en bitcoin provenant de Silk Road


“Le principal accusé de l’histoire, James Zhong, aurait commis une « fraude électronique » il y a 10 ans, a expliqué le procureur en charge de l’affaire dans le communiqué de presse. Il aurait à ce moment-là volé les bitcoins à Silk Road «grâce à une technique élaborée», et aurait, une fois son larcin accompli, «essayé de cacher sa trace à travers une série de transactions complexes, en espérant qu’il serait caché par le dark net». Pendant 10 ans, James Zhong a réussi à échapper à la justice et à cacher l’emplacement de ses bitcoins, mais «grâce aux techniques de pointe en traçage de crypto-monnaie […], les forces de l’ordre ont pu remonter sa trace et retrouver la somme volée». Dix ans après les faits et des années après la fermeture de Silk Road, l’affaire souligne le fait que la justice américaine «n’arrêtera jamais de chercher l’argent», selon le procureur.”

Source : Les États-Unis saisissent 3,36 milliards de dollars en bitcoin provenant de Silk Road – Numerama

“Hundreds of people have been arrested in a worldwide operation over a South Korea-based dark web child sexual abuse site that sold videos for digital cash. Officials from the United States, Britain and South Korea described the network as one of the largest operations they had encountered to date. Called Welcome To Video, the website relied on the bitcoin cryptocurrency to sell access to 250,000 videos depicting child sexual abuse, authorities said, including footage of extreme abuse of young children. Its upload page specifically stated, “Do not upload adult porn”.”

Source : Police arrest hundreds over international child sexual abuse website | Technology | The Guardian

« Initially I didn’t want to take down FH2, just look through it, » the hacker said. But they then allegedly found several large child pornography sites which were using more than Freedom Hosting II’s stated allowance. Usually, Freedom Hosting II has a quota of 256MB per site, but these illegal sites comprised of gigabytes of material, the hacker claimed. « This suggests they paid for hosting and the admin knew of those sites. That’s when I decided to take it down instead ».

Source : We Talked to the Hacker Who Took Down a Fifth of the Dark Web – Motherboard

The Random Darknet Shopper is an automated online shopping bot which we provide with a budget of $100 in Bitcoins per week. Once a week the bot goes shopping in the deep web where it randomly choses and purchases one item and has it mailed directly to the exhibition space. Once the items arrive they are unpacked and displayed, each new object adding to a landscape of traded goods from the Darknet.

Source : !Mediengruppe Bitnik | Random Darknet Shopper

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